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Posted on Aug 22nd
re: That's Ashley Benson's Naked Butt (Or Not) (9 comments)

Great job, Fish. Except it isn’t actually either one of them, which she and Troian point out in their Instagram posts immediately after that one.

Posted on May 15th
re: Rihanna Dumped Drake Again (20 comments)

She’s gone full whore since Chris Brown knocked her out. Must be brain damage.

Posted on May 13th
re: It's Ben Affleck's Batman's Costume (25 comments)

at least it doesn’t have a big plastic dick cup this time.

Posted on May 13th
re: It's Ben Affleck's Batman's Costume (25 comments)

Looks like they just recycled that ridiculous Bane costume from the Clooney Batman and Robin flick and threw a cape, cowl, and utility belt on it.

Posted on Jul 1st, 2013
re: So Remember That Time We Said Gwen Stefani Looked Pregnant? (8 comments)

I saw her with the kids and husband at Disneyland not long ago. She’s gorgeous in person, but goddamn does she wear a lot of fucking makeup.

Posted on Jul 1st, 2013
re: Farrah Abraham's In Rehab (28 comments)

there’s at least two people in these comments who didn’t catch the Lindsay Lohan joke.

Posted on May 20th, 2013
re: Good Gawd, Taylor Swift's Body (24 comments)

She’s no lay at all, why do you think she keeps getting dumped?

Posted on Dec 24th, 2012
re: Courtney Stodden Nude Christmas Photos (4 comments)

It’s called wearing two extra padded push up bras at once. Seriously, did you not see that huge bra sitting on her belly button under her dress in the last set of pics?

Sure she does. She makes deals with photo agencies to sell her pictures to online gossip sites willing to publish them, since these are the only outlets paying any attention to her. It’s not enough to make her a millionaire, but I’m sure she makes a few thousand here and there. And if she can keep her creepy looking husband out of the pics, they probably give her a bonus.

Posted on Mar 23rd, 2012
re: So Kim Kardashian's Flour Bomb Stunt Worked (88 comments)