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I know you knuckle-draggers only took that ubiquitous Gender Studies class to fill a Junior College requirement, but maybe you should fish out those old GS readers still in your closet and learn something about female representations in the media. So you can pass on a worthwhile point of view to your spawn, like:
- empowerment is not equal opportunity ogling
- Showing a sliver of Chris Pine’s six pack is not the same as JJ and the camera treating Alice Eve like a fucking prop, complete with nil character development and without any actual importance to the narrative other than, as you trekkies say, being the future womb for Kirk’s spawn.
- Carol Marcus isn’t the only offensive character, Uhura’s only purpose, according J.J., is so that Spock can show his tender Vulcan feels.
- Straight, White Male is not apolitical, it is not neutral territory, it does not remove J.J’s. land of make believe from this world, he is just as culpable for towing the status quo.

Please J.J. and the males in this comment-section, take your heads out of your asses for a second and realize how fucking tone-deaf you are. I weep for this world.

What I wouldn’t give to rim Benedict Cumberbatch’s pink, british butthole.

Wait, Sherlock is going to be the bad guy? . . . I just came.