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Posted on Aug 27th
re: Katy Perry & Riff Raff: MTV VMAs (2 comments)

it’s like because of the backlash she got from taking “inspiration” from various cultures, she decided instead to take from her own only… And landed on Bertney and Justin circa 1999. Well played, Katy Perry. Next awards season, hopefully she gives us Pucci’s playful interpretation of Skylar & Walt of Breaking Bad.

what oh what could have triggered such an outburst from Solange Knowles? we can’t say much specifically from the footage, given there is no audio, but given that she and her sister are so, so close, i am venturing to say Mr. Carter did something pretty unforgivable. my guess? he took that “eat the cake Anna Mae” line too literally & put hands on Bey. the fact that girl put out a whole album AND tour talking up their whole marriage wasn’t a great sign to begin with, tbh.