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Posted on Aug 6th
re: Anthony Cumia's Gone Full Racist (96 comments)

It figures they where the only ones who would take him. Either them or he scrapes dead animals off the highway for a living.

More importantly he was quite friendly and well-mannered, which – don’t we all know it – is not granted when it comes to drunks. Can’t see how i could bash him for that.

Posted on Jul 1st
re: Kendra Wilkinson's Moving Out (22 comments)

Scenario: you can either blow a tranny or be married to a woman with that laugh

Tough choice. Tough!

Then again it’s possible he shot himself upon realizing he accidentially married an inflatable humpdoll instead of an actual live person.

Posted on Jun 21st
re: The #FreeTheNipple Fundraiser (4 comments)

It’s consistent with the trippleboob.
Though i will give you this, with that face and 3 boobs she should rather attend a fundraiser for radiation victims.

“Would either of them have sex with him?”

Do you even need to ask? One sings for every massmurdering dictator if he coughs up the dough (and possibly blows him as encore) and the other one’s sole claim to fame is a pissporn which she leaked to the public herself. Do you seriously need to ask if they would fuck a half rotten corpse if he had the money?

Posted on May 20th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 5.19.14 (51 comments)

I assume you’re into bestiality, you’re banned from the local zoo and the hippos there have filed a restraining order against you.

No better advertising for abortion than these refinded examples of teenage motherhood.

Posted on Mar 7th
re: Ireland Baldwin Is Single, Grabbing Her Boob (45 comments)

“… and have at least asked yourself once what the hell she’s doing with …”

Actually no. Positively not.
Though i have asked myself at least once what the hell is your obsession with this onepercenter floozy. Is she paying you to “make herself happen”?

Posted on Feb 22nd
re: Miley Cyrus Blew Abe Lincoln Now (18 comments)

This is me emphatically not giving a fuck