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Posted on Sep 29th
re: Rob Schneider Wants His Freeze Peach Back! (54 comments)

There this guy goes again. I’m not getting my medical information from a comedian. anyone who does is an idiot. Just like you’d be an idiot to agree with the writer of this article. Screw vaccines that still use mercury as a preservative.

Only idiots think the constitution is a joke. How stupid could people be to think the government will never go bad?

It’s bad now! more people are killed by police than terorist. More innocent children die from drownings than gun violence.

Ban pools! Please ban pooL! no one needs to have a pool! Only those crazy Jesus people want pools!

Here’s another fact more people die from furniture than guns. BAN FURNITURE! No one needs to live a comfortable life. How about we create thought police. Yes, thought police will fix everything. Government solves all our problems. Without government we wouldn’t have technology. Without government we wouldn’t have cars!

Whoever wrote this article needs to stick to posting pics of celebrity butt cracks. That’s all your good for.

Good, I hope he loses his carrer and millions. He also raped me at a young age. I remember walking out of the theaters feeling violated after I watched X-men. I was young and naive.

Posted on Apr 17th
re: That's Heidi Klum Completely Topless (17 comments)

LOL, we got butthurt?

“No thinking here!” yeah, because clearly people come to gossip sites to get their philosophical ideas.

Instead of posting lame evolutionist/atheist “humor” you could be the first evolutionist to supply some evidence that, new and beneficial mutation has ever been added into the genome of an organism. Until then keep your fedora on check and keep posting gossip.

Posted on Apr 15th
re: Here's Your 'Creationist Cosmos' (44 comments)

The guy at superficial is always nagging and crying as if his pastor molested him. What does evolution/creation debate have anything to do with bikini photos of celebrities!? seriously, who’s in charge of this page? get this emotional butt hurt author out of here.

Posted on Apr 1st
re: Louis C.K.'s SNL Monologue Went Over Well (118 comments)

LOL, I love it when atheist bring out the Santa Syndrome as a case against God. Their emotional outburst over their Santa discovery bleed into their adult life.

Posted on Apr 1st
re: Louis C.K.'s SNL Monologue Went Over Well (118 comments)

I’m not insulted by a comedians theology. People who get their theology from a comedian in the end are jokes. also what is it with all this Superficial propaganda about the sandy hook shooting and christianity?

” still can’t look at the images of terrified and crying children evacuating their school while heroes,”

LOL, that 1 image. no one saw anything. Also they conveniently removed some of the surveillance cameras before the shooting. Worst their NEW surveillance cameras did not have a recording option. Screw this propaganda.