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Posted on Aug 3rd, 2010
re: Lindsay Lohan's a Bipolar Meth Addict Now (60 comments)

This tart is not bipolar! Did they just diagnose her right there in jail. Do you know how long it should take to diagnose a person with bipolar? Unless she is full out manic which makes it rather obvious then they need to be ruling out a whole shit load of other things. If they diagnosed her just by asking her the typical questions asked then she needs to get a real doctor. Proper diagnosis takes a lot longer than that.
Maybe she has Borderline Personality and or depression, depression is what happens when you abuse drugs and alcohol though. A lot of daddy issues. Otherwise I would say she is a spoiled, self entitled addict. That’s it. This pisses me off so badly because I am one of those people with bipolar disorder. I take my little cocktail of meds daily and I can’t stand them. When little b*tches like the poor suffering hard done by Lindsay decide to use it as an excuse or ploy to get their way, it’s saying that the disorder is a joke. I don’t find it a f*cking joke. In fact one of my first thoughts when I heard this was why the hell do I even bother taking my meds. It’s hard enough to have a mental illness and be treated like everyone else, now if I say I have bipolar is everyone going to scoff at me like it’s nothing because of people like Lindsay. I seriously think that she just helped set back stigma a good 10 years, especially since it’s working out for her, looks like a great excuse for the tarts to come. Only took how many centuries to get it (stigma) where it is now. Oh well as long as Lindsay is comfortable and on her way home soon. Poor thing.
I think she is truly a very sad, pathetic addict.