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Posted on Jul 5th, 2011
re: 0701-kim-kardashian-butt-08 (5 comments)

First of all, if it was natural, there is nothing you can do about genetics.

Her butt is big, but in this case, she definitely has a little padding.

How do I know? Because my butt IS that BIG. So, keep the rude comments about large asses on petite girls to yourselves cuz it’s genetics and no one is clowning on your flat ass.

Anyway, when your ass is that BIG in white pants, and I think I have the exact pair she’s wearing–if it’s Dolce and Gabbana–if you’ve got any kind of underwear on it will SHOW through…the panty line definitely and a good chance the color depending on what color undies. However, even with nude undies, you will see the panty line in those pants and with that ass. If she is not wearing undies, then you would see the dimples or ripples–even if just one dimple through the pants. The ass is too smooth under there. We’ve seen her unairbrushed ass, and it definitely is not smooth…neither is mine, but it comes with the big butt territory.

It’s safe to say, that she has some sort of light padding on her butt…to fill it out, because of course it will be photographed. If she has padding on, then it would go from waist to the bottom of her butt cheeks, where the crease is. So, BINGO! No panty lines and no dimples.