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Posted on Jun 27th, 2013
re: BREAKING: Miley Cyrus Wants You To See Her Butt (24 comments)

Looks like someone’s got a bad case of *daaaadddddyyy issueeees”

Posted on Jun 27th, 2013
re: How Much Douche Is In Jonah Hill's Canoe Today? (73 comments)

Isn’t this the same dick that got a kick out of and got caught filming a woman’s discarded placenta after giving birth in a public park? (Google it). I’ve had farts that were funnier than this goober. Stay classy, uber-douche!

Posted on May 30th, 2013
re: Justin Bieber Tries To Fight The Paparazzi In London (18 comments)

Aw….somebody’s cwanky! Did the pap steal his “binky”?

This was absolutely awesome! Even obviously sick she’s still a great person!! I loved when she was rattling off her rehearsed answers and he just reverts to “yeah, so anyway, wanna be my plus one?” LOL! Great interview!

Posted on Jan 18th, 2013
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 1.17.13 (22 comments)

You can see its “tuck”.

Posted on Sep 25th, 2012
re: Miley Cyrus Wore This And Other News (9 comments)

NOW I know who Miley reminds me of! A white “Annoying Orange!!”