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Posted on Nov 14th, 2012
re: ELMO'S INNOCENT! (125 comments)

Yeah – no. If the kid was underage and there was even a suspicion of proof, there would be a legal investigation, regardless of how much he was subsequently paid to shut up. And we would know about it. It doesn’t work like this: “Hey, we were gonna investigate that guy on assault/robbery/rape charges, but the suddenly wealthy victim recanted! Pack ‘er up, boys!”

The legal system doesn’t let victims change their minds or take it back once things have set in motion. If everything has been dismissed, that means there was no credible evidence it happened when he was 16. The payout, if there was one, was most likely to shut the guy up from talking about the relationship

Celebs do it ALL the time. Clooney has a separate vault filled with gold bricks in his room so he can hand them out at the end of every S&M session.

Gay marriage DOES it make it all better! Especially when there’s an open bar.