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It is amazing you hate God that is Holy and Good. And out of your mouths comes vile, hateful language that you love.

Evil People can not understand the righteousness and goodness of God, they are deafened to his words and blinded to his righteousness. Their judgment awaits them for their willing rejection of Christ and mocking of his truth and his people.

Don’t listen if you do not want to hear Gods truth, simple as that. But God will not be Mocked, so be very careful.

You write to insult Christians and Jesus himself, Why? One died for your sins and the others try to tell you about it. Where is the crime in that? If you do not want to listen, don’t listen, if you do not want to accept Christ , Don’t then. God gives you those options. But you have to live with the consequence’s of your decision eternally.
Remember God can take away everything you own and love in a split second. Imagine suddenly you lost everything, no friends, nor family, not property or place to stay,,, what would you do next? Would you believe then? Your a very blessed person to not be punished for what you said about Christ . But wait! Maybe you will be, maybe it has started already for you, but you haven’t recognized it as punishment yet? The Lord will not be Mocked.

Either here on earth or judgment day, God will have his righteous vengeance. A punishment you brought upon yourself. Remember this.