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Posted on Jul 28th
re: Comic-Con: 'Mad Max: Road Fury' Trailer (39 comments)

no interest.

Posted on Jul 28th
re: Kate Gosselin's Nanny Escaped To Tell Her Tale (15 comments)

that’s when you go for door #2 and take a cruise down her dirt road!

Posted on Jul 23rd
re: Selena Gomez & Cara Delevingne Are Still Partying (5 comments)

she has an ugly, crappy little body.
and despite being 22, she has the face of an 11 year old.

that face ( and everything else about her) is just scary. you can tell that face is botoxed to terri hatcher levels.

Posted on Jul 16th
re: Hilary Duff's Butt In Tight Jeans (1 comments)

damn, i remember when she put on her prego weight a while back but, let’s face it- she lost it and is fit as fuck.
those fit, shapely legs and ass are pretty fuckin incredible!

Posted on Jul 3rd
re: Selena Gomez's Cameltoe in Skinny Jeans (2 comments)

she is not attractive. if she wasn’t beibers poke, she would not even be remotely famous.

Posted on Jun 30th
re: Shia LaBeouf Is Just Crazy (23 comments)

this is all just a bunch of bullshit. phoenix 2.0- just to get attention…. nothing more.

“I thought with how liberal this site is they’d be more educated in gender. How sad.”
you mean how delusional about gender.
if there is a dick between the legs- it’s a dude.
real men don’t have vaginas and real women don’t have a functional or mutilated, inverted penis like a post-op tranny.

never understood what the big deal is with her. her body is weak and devoid of shape and her face is unpleasant.

problem is, the little shit is ALWAYS surrounded by his thug squad to protect him.