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So sick of losers who STILL cling to gossip and urban legends. The idiot who wrote this review said : “and it was always that little kids loved Michael [Ed. Note: I think he has that backwards. - SW] “. Please educate yourself and read just a few of the 333 page FBI file released 2 years ago. For 18 months the FBI went all over the world where MJ toured trying to find any evidence of abused kids and came back with NOTHING. You don’t get acquitted on 14 counts if the FBI can find a microscopic shred of fact. So can all you sheep who believe the National Enquirer and evil ,Marxist Martin Bashir please get onboard with the truth and stop saying MJ tried to “change his color” when his skin was turning on its own with vitilago and he had a sexual thing for kids. Both are the inventions of sick people.