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Posted on Oct 30th
re: Mama June: 'The Truth Will Come Out On My Side' (32 comments)


That is 29 different kinds of sad.

Is the child molester Pumpkins real dad? I thought that I read somewhere that her dad was in jail for molesting children. (it’s very possible that I’m just confused by the redneckedness of the whole family dynamic}

Posted on Oct 9th
re: Let's Get Stephen Collins Out of The Way (53 comments)

I don’t get it. The very first time someone says to me “I wanna suck baby dick” I call the fucking cops, and never let this person see me or my kids again. Why did she hang out until HE decided to end it?

Posted on Jul 31st
re: Justin Bieber's With Michelle Rodriquez Now (16 comments)

Selena was hanging out with and attending Leonardo DiCaprio’s event with Cara Delevingne a few days ago. Perhaps Justin wasn’t invited to Leo’s charity shindig and is a jealous game playing little fuck. Leo has been dismissive of Justin in the past, and I can just see him not being able to walk past a table where Leo and Orlando are sitting without talking shit.

” Shem baby” … what does it mean??

Posted on May 5th
re: Apparently Ben Affleck Is Rain Man (18 comments)

In this pic he has bigger boobs than she does.

Posted on May 1st
re: James Franco's Still Denying He Banged Lindsay Lohan (23 comments)

Of course he denied it, she was 17 at the time. Of course he fucked her, she was 17 at the time.