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Posted on Sep 30th, 2013
re: Joe Gorga Will Make This Rape Business All Better (9 comments)

Yep, but in their defense—anyone who has ever been to Italy or France understands there is no concept of rape.

Rape in both countries are merely considered dating rituals.

Posted on Jun 19th, 2013
re: I'm Not Joking Anymore. What The Hell Happened To Miley Cyrus? (82 comments)

Since it has become excruciatingly obvious that “Slutery” has become America’s most robust growth industry brought forward by young hos between the ages of 15 through 24; I was pondering when “Slutery” is going to go IPO, and what will “Slutery” trade under; NYSE or NASDAQ???

Or, perhaps its IPO could be bisexual as most young sluwhores seem to be these days and do both.

Posted on Apr 30th, 2013
re: Jason Collins Came Out Then Twitter Sharted Dumb On Itself (109 comments)

@@@ RexSeven,

Polygamy??? Fuck that, lets go for the full-on GUSTO.

What about guys that are currently fucking the stuffing out of their own sisters when mommy and daddy are asleep– should their overflowing love for one another be denied?

And what about the so many middle age single women out there who have a clandestine “special” kind of love for their 17 cats–should they be forced to hide in shame for what comes so splendidly natural to them?

I say If gays are for true equality they should fully embrace all groups currently under sexual oppression by the far right religious nut thugs.

After all– what does it really matter what alter boy one may squirt jizzle on or into– just as long none gets on the wafers.

Posted on Apr 30th, 2013
re: Jason Collins Came Out Then Twitter Sharted Dumb On Itself (109 comments)

@@@ Villian circa 1200 AD

And speaking of people who don’t matter, you matter the least of all.

Now make the world a better place and–SHUT THE FUCK UP—and go out and play on I-95 preferably blindfold.

…Fuck’s sake—If this bitch likes her ass whooped from time to time who are any of you to deny her such guilty pleasures.

Some females prefer heavy handed type of males–it take all kinds.

Now please try to get over the fact that she’s fucking him and not any of you.

Posted on Jan 14th, 2013
re: GOLDEN GLOBES: Holy Shit, Jodie Foster's Gay?! (30 comments)

…This just goes to prove how far-out of touch celebrities have truly become with reality.

Everyone on the planet– even indigenous tribes in Tasmania who have no technologies, no indoor plumbing, and still use tree leafs to cover-up their private parts know Jodie Foster is a lesbian–yet Jodie herself perceived it to be top-secret matters of national security.

The root word in celebrity is celebration–meaning people who should be celebrated.

I propose we exchange “celebrity” those who should be celebrated to– “celebrity” those who don’t have a smidgen of a clue.

…Alex, perhaps you should exchange the word “Jew” for “Kike”

It has been my experience that the Jewish community tends to respond to the latter much more energetically.

….15 plus people have died due to this hurricane. And yet, the Paris Hiltons, and Kim Kardashians, and their living abortions of supporters live on.

I believe the questions to if there is a God or there isn’t a God has been unequivocally answered, with a resounding– FUCK NO!!!


It’s funny how bloggers will complain about paparazzi taking pictures of these no talent skanks who should be over the moon that anyone would even want to take their picture—yet the same bloggers shedding bowing ball sized tears over how badly these pseudo-VIPs’ who wouldn’t pee on any of you if you were all an fire–will then turn around and talk shit about them in your midget-brained comments.

What a bunch of moronic hypocrites….Don’t you all realize — if it were not for the paps many of you would actually have to learn how to read???

…I wish a bitch would try that shit on my $4,000 camera.
I would cunt-kick her so hard she’d be wearing her fallopian tubes as ear adornments.