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When I’m at some porn website (yeah so I go to porn sites….. got a problem with it??) and I see the “horny teens” link I’ve always wondered if it automatically signals the federales that someone has gone to the link.

Posted on Sep 11th
re: The Palins Beat The Shit Out of An Entire Party (91 comments)

I strongly disagree. The last 6 years have not been kind to hillwilliam sarah. She’s beginning to take on appearances of Ma Kettle.

Posted on Sep 10th
re: Why Y'All Booing Justin #BBare? Dat's Racism! (39 comments)

Gunnery Sargeant Hartman would’ve had a blast with bitchboy bieber!

Posted on Sep 9th
re: Janay Rice: 'You Ruined Our Life For Ratings' (121 comments)

But Ray hasn’t got any INcome GOING FORWARD. So if Janay wants to keep that 200,000 dollar monthly lifestyle into perpetuity, she’s gonna have to find a new sugardaddy with an NFL-player-type of cash flow.

Posted on Sep 9th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 9.9.14 (33 comments)

Ain’t jailbait no more.

Posted on Sep 9th
re: Ariana Grande Has Demands (47 comments)

precious princess.

Posted on Sep 9th
re: Janay Rice: 'You Ruined Our Life For Ratings' (121 comments)

Well Ray is basically a pauper now (in Janay’s eyes). She may as well just dump him and get what divorce settlement she can from him while he has anything left. Thus she can hook up with another professional athlete with a multimillion dollar contract. Perhaps she can look at some WWE “athlete”. Surely the potential for violence from a WWE “athlete” is very low.

Posted on Jul 28th
re: Comic-Con: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer (42 comments)

The 1979 Mad Max was an indie gem that asked existential questions about humanity. This new one is just overblown studio crap.

Posted on Jul 28th
re: Sarah Palin Launched An Online TV Network (80 comments)

Why the fuck would I pay 10 fucking dollars a month for that crap when there is so much free porn online?

Posted on Jul 14th
re: Jenny McCarthy Has A SiriusXM Show Now (18 comments)

Somewhere about 99% of Indian children (the sari ones, not the feather ones) don’t get any vaccinations and still there 1.25 billion Indians. I suspect it has to do with the unimaginable unsanitary conditions that the Indians exists in makes smallpox and poliio not able to compete and make it to the bodies of the infant Indians.