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Posted on Sep 20th
re: That Deadpool Test Footage Worked (20 comments)

I seriously doubt the legitimacy of your username.

p.s. pls die


the internet

It’s funny reading that your plebeian minds couldn’t understand this video. And yes even if this is what some people call a “rip off” of other works, everything comes from another’s influence , nothing is or ever has been original.

Close minded people being close minded, move along, nothing to see here…

Posted on May 19th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 5.19.14 (15 comments)

Hello legs.

Posted on Dec 26th, 2013
re: That's Miranda Kerr's Nipple (4 comments)

It’s harder than you realize for photographers to make the subject feel comfortable, even harder to get natural photos and he has a special kind of way of getting them to look hip/cool instead of someone posing seriously with no smile.

Sorry but I like seeing my women with smiles and acting goofy.

Posted on Dec 26th, 2013
re: Bertney's Christmas And Other Stories (15 comments)

I signed in just to say keep them up Fish and maybe next year we can expand on other celbs uh, adventures. lol

“Most of them drink and smoke and do drugs and blow their money at the bar.” What the fuck was this about?? Like you’re better than, go fuck yourself. You know those waiters worked hard and if not they still had to “wait” on you and serve you your food.

Even if they did do a shitty job they still deserve to be paid more and until your opinion gets passed into law and restaurants decide to pay min wage for that job you can pony up the monies for them!

I sense the only reason you have an issue with adding gratuity or tipping for poor service is because you are a broke ass, cheap, or poor motherfucker. Go to your local Taco Bell if you can’t afford to eat and tip for your service.