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Posted on Sep 21st, 2012
re: Paris Hilton: 'Eww, Gay Guys Are Gross And They All Have AIDS' (73 comments)

As a gay guy who listened to the audio, the reports are blown up for drama and her rep is right. The comments are being reported completely out of context and you cannot hear intention or inflection in a piece of text. If you listen to her, when she says “they probably all have aids,” she is quite clearly referring to the people on Grindr who her gay friend is showing her on his cell phone. And if you’ve ever been on Grinder… well, you’d be thinking the same thing…. the guys are skeezballs usually.

LIna committed suicide by jumping off a roof, because she was unhappy. If you watch videos, she often appears a bit drugged out and lethargic.

The video ‘Paparazzi’ does not mock suicide, but rather makes a shocking statement about how the Paparazzi feeds on tragedy. In the video, the photographers take pictures of her attempted murder rather than help her. They sit by to watch and profit on her failure. Nothing in the imagery of the video strikes me as funny, just mildly disturbing.

You are referring to Lina Morgana, who was nothing like Stefani. She looked somewhat similar to her when they both had brown hair, but Stefani’s voice was always the stronger, more unique sounding one – not to mention she was the one writing songs for Lina. Ultimately, the style Stefani went for with her Lady Gaga character is very different from the grunge rock thing Lina was doing despite the fact that Stefani came from doing mainly piano rock.