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Posted on Sep 20th
re: And Now Courtney Stodden's Breasts (24 comments)

As a former shut-in alcoholic that spent more than my fair share of time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina I can tell you with confidence that Beach Discount Beverage will deliver.

Posted on Sep 19th

Sarah Jessica Parker wants some of that too.

Posted on Sep 17th
re: Adrian Peterson Allegedly Beat Another Kid (49 comments)

Thanks for that link, Snake. Made me laugh this morning.

Posted on Sep 15th
re: Nicki Minaj's Underboob: Paris (1 comments)

Damian Lewis wants a piece of dat.

Posted on Sep 15th
re: Lisa Opie & Stefania Sita Do Yoga (1 comments)

You ladies continue with downward facing dog while I do my standing thrusting pig.

YWFN, Fish is like a goddamn morality play. The man is a mixture of good and evil. Long time readers here will note that Good Fish and Bad Fish are never in the same room at the same time.

Posted on Sep 10th
re: Good God, Raquel Rischard, And Other News (3 comments)

Charo from 1968 travels in time to 2014, drinks some water and says “goot-she goot-she”. I approve.

Posted on Sep 8th
re: Ray Rice Suspended From The NFL 'Indefinitely' (33 comments)

Thats good news, I’m glad he’s been fired. In two months it’ll be time for stage II, when Rice gets rehired, a la Michael Vick.

The owners don’t give a crap about the reprobates they hire and certainly the sports fans don’t care either.

I guess that leaves pasty white rich guys like me to show outrage.

Donald Sterling calls a couple people niggers in a PRIVATE conversation and he is forced to sell his team and is the object of ridicule and scorn for the rest of his life and beyond.

Ray Rice punches his wife in the face so hard she becomes unconscious and he is given a timeout in the corner.

Okay, yeah, I get it. Makes total sense to me.

(On edit, seems you can’t use the N-word on a post here or else you’ll endure more ridicule and scorn. Thats okay, the new edit function works great.)

Why did Dr. Schrödinger have to use a cat in his famous interpetation? I like cats, but I don’t like Kardashian’s. He should have used a Kardashian in his box, not a cat.