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Posted on Jul 9th, 2012
re: UPDATE: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Are BFFs Now (37 comments)

For while there I was confused by the “this divorce is going to be nasty” headlines, because I have always thought this was a contractual marriage, so what is there to fight about?

…but now I see that it was all false bickering to make it look like there were hurt feelings and acrimony like (ahem) a “normal” divorce. The contract must have stated “We shall pretend to bicker for a period of two weeks after which point we shall arrange payout and visitation as outlined in our premarital agreement.”

Not only do they both get what they agreed to, but they look good in the public’s eye for having a so-called amicable split.

Katie and Tom are still playing the same game on the same team (so to speak!). No need to feel sorry for either of them. Poor Suri.