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ppl get and remain famous cuz they have fans.,ppl like them,watch them,follow them,idolize them..if a little worthless human being like snooki got fans then its not so unreal for ms bubblebutt to flaunt her so called assets..even though never having watched kk’s shows,so rending me unfamiliar with her famously low iq reputation,i must say that visually she is a beautiful woman(ass aside cuz thats just rude)..

Posted on Feb 1st, 2011
re: Pete Wentz is a Great Dad (33 comments)

hahaha…ur too funny so right!!!

Posted on Jan 29th, 2011
re: Charlie Sheen Was 'Laughing Too Hard at the TV.' Of Course. (32 comments)

ur all so halarious!!i hate him soooo much..boycotted his show and all his movies long ago…it started with him beating his women up and from then on i just knew d guy was just waaaaay too much of a loser…maybe he’s got hpv already and a huge wart on his d****..hopefully it’ll fall off and d sadness of it all will just slowly and painfully lead him to his demise…