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I am the proud owner of a 46 year old va jay jay. I would like to inform the moron who disparages older women that the area down there, the muscles get stronger and stronger with time. My significant other tells me it is better for him down there now than ever and we met in our 20s. So, maybe that is why Ashton likes older women. He is no dummy! But, you are!

Posted on Aug 18th, 2010
re: 0817-true-blood-rolling-stone (13 comments)

Everyone here is such a tard. Anna is a natural beauty. She has a great body, not enhanced by doctors or drugs. She works out a lot and does it all on her own. She didn’t change her face or her teeth. This is her. She is attractive in a non-Hollywood sense and I think it is refreshing. I am sick of the Kim Kardashians and the Heidi Montags. I would much rather look at someone like a natural Anna anyday. She will age gracefully, unlike the rest. And the funny thing is that everyone commenting here is probably so ug that they just wish they could be like her or have someone like her.