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Posted on Jul 17th
re: Selena Gomez Got A New Tattoo (31 comments)

How very Chicken Soup for the Tweener’s Soul. Are we sure Taylor Swift didn’t hog tie Gomez and tattoo this herself?

Wearing a toddler’s pj’s doesn’t change the fact that Skinnygirl is complete garbage. That goes for the beverage as well.

Posted on May 19th
re: The Bonnie & Clyde of Fart-Sniffing Made A Trailer (14 comments)

NOPE. I still want to know #whatjaysaidtosolange. Nice distraction technique though.

Posted on May 19th
re: Good Morning, Bella Thorne, And Other News (4 comments)

She’s looks way older. Did Chelsea Handler notarize her birth certificate or did she just go to the Catherine Zeta Jones school of math?

You all beat me to the herp-lip.

This photo made me laugh so hard this morning, I think my kidneys shut down.

Getting your love taco groped in front of a camera, while puffing on a cig, and a giant, pussing cold sore on your mouth. Keep it Klassy, Kampers.

On the upside, all his relationships end in total carnage, so this will be fun to watch.