Audrina Patridge started rumor about herself for publicity: FAIL

Because I love you guys I try to post about The Hills as little as possible. That being said, I always enjoy an opportunity to point out how ridiculously fake the show and everyone on it is. The latest “hot” rumor is that Lauren Conrad supposedly slept with Audrina Patridge’s on/off boyfriend Justin Bobby (I want to die for typing this sentence.) But it turns out, in a move worthy of Heidi & Spencer, Audrina is the one who started the rumor so she’d have her own storyline, according to Us Weekly:

A source close to The Hills says, “Audrina herself spread the rumors to get more attention. Audrina is the one who gets the least attention. She was so jealous, she concocted this on her own.”

OMG! LC gonna FTW your face, bitch!

I don’t even know what that means. On that note, forgive me for posting about Audrina Patridge when she’s not in a bikini. I’m better than that.