Audrina Patridge should show a little more chest

July 18th, 2008 // 75 Comments

Attention Superficial readers: Audrina Patridge has breasts.

No need to thank me. Just doing my job. Oh, wow, the key to the city? If you insist.


  1. Water balloons in a dress…

  2. ph7

    Those are breasts, but I think they originally belonged to Dow-Corning.

  3. A

    Bitch needs to tuck her business in.

  4. Blackie

    They’re real, at least !

  5. The Man

    I don’t understand what people’s big problem with her is. She’s hot, seems somewhat nice (at least she isn’t as stuck up as Montag).
    I would do mean things with her.

  6. Huh?

    She must like whatever she’s drinking, considering theres 2 there.

  7. Mr.Peanut

    Meh…I’d put it in her ass but only if she asked nicely….nicely.

  8. Uncle Eccoli

    Is that supposed to be attractive? All that says to me is, “I’ve got absolutely no respect for myself. Please pay me for sex.”

  9. Chupacabra

    I see a scar. Real ones don’t look that shitty in the middle. EWWWW!

  10. She has a nice body, *but her face* leaves something to be desired. If only there was some sort of funny, pejorative term for a semi-ugly skank with a nice body. Someone should get working on that.

  11. Mr.Peanut


    No “butterface” anymore…the new phrase is “Cleveland Brown”…good uniform, bad helmet.

  12. Clem

    You lot are mental – she’s lovely and I want to give her a special hug.

  13. m

    Bad boob job. You can see wrinkles. She should have spent more money for better boobs.

  14. Cobi

    Fake tits = fucking slut whore!

  15. havoc

    Nice sweater puppets.

    I could definately watch the top of her head for a while….


  16. It is the same problem as with her teeth.
    THEY’RE ALSO FAKE but these hang!!

  17. chewi

    skanky, beaver-toothed piece of hollywood milquetoast

  18. Cornhole

    Wish she would delete that picture of my lesbian cure stick off that cellphone…. Dreamin won’t make it so baby!

  19. Potlanch

    @11. That’s great.

  20. Omnibacon


  21. Que

    Que for sure!

  22. veggi

    “No “butterface” anymore…the new phrase is “Cleveland Brown”…good uniform, bad helmet.”

    That sounds more like the phrase for a good looking guy with a small penis.

  23. FCS

    Shouldn’t she be off building a dam somewhere?

    Those trees aren’t going to chew themselves down…

  24. keep it real

    Silicone parts are made for toys

  25. Karen

    I feel like a boob just from looking at these pictures.

    Anyway, here’s a prediction: Fish will post the new ‘WTF???” Uma Thurman bikini pictures as the top story for over the weekend, and it’ll get at least 300 comments.

  26. Primetime

    Am I the only one who noticed her necklace appears to be sporting a pair of cock&balls? I wish they were mine.

  27. @11, I like that, although I must admit that I like the Clowns’ helmets.

  28. yuppers

    if you’re going to get your boobs done, wouldn’t you make sure to get them done well……her boobs look horrible, as far as fake titties go

  29. yuppers

    if you’re going to get your boobs done, wouldn’t you make sure to get them done well……her boobs look horrible, as far as fake titties go

  30. Ted Mosby

    Fake funbags are the best.

  31. surlywench

    Um, who the fuck cares? Since when are fake tit cleavage shots of unknown bimbos worthy of 12 pics? She has a friggin bikini on underneath the top. YAWN.

    What? No pics of Amy abusing innocent rodents or stumbling around intoxicated?

  32. B

    Yup, those are fake. Check out the big scar on her boob.

  33. That Guy

    Apparently it’s time for a little remedial education on who’s a celebrity and who’s not.

  34. rough daddy

    implants! shimplants they look delicious,,,,not all of em look that good…

  35. rough daddy

    i love whores…

  36. tp

    good thing she’ s wearing shades because that bitch is cross-eyed and cross-eyed people scare me.

  37. Harry Ballzck

    Come on fish – I need a good laugh this morning …. It’s Friday for gawds sake … where’s my Amy Crackhose burnt to a crisp while smoking crack in a tanning chamber photos? Jamie Lynn Spears barefoot somewhere in Hog Hills SC totin a baby on her hip at 17 ? Lindsay Lohan naked with a corncob stuck up her ass while drivling and drooling trying unsuccessfully to hide the fact she’s a redhead and drunker than …normal ??


    This skank-0-licious is boring …… and it’s friday …………………………

  38. Fred

    I have no idea who she is, but she’s not pretty.

    Long live Lindsay.

  39. alisa

    who cares if they’re fake.. they were fake before too just smaller.. she’s still hot and i love her style

  40. Jumpin_J

    “Attention Superficial readers: Audrina Patridge has breasts.”

    Yes. Oh yes she does.

  41. combustion8

    Hearing some of the ramblings from the jealous fat bitches in here is comical.

  42. Yoyomaster

    “Audrina Patridge has breasts”

    **Correction: “Audrine Patridge BOUGHT breasts.” Honestly though, I can’t believe they’re sagging like that already. And she’s wearing a bra. Why would you pay for that or put it on display?

  43. steve

    nice tits babe. those won’t droop they’ll be nice and perky until its time to rotate the tires.

  44. noneyobeezwax

    fake or not, i’m guessing there’s a gash down there somewhere and i’d be interested in sticking my dick in it.

    call me.

  45. Crisphy Nanos

    Whether or not her tits are nice or not, I could have some fun dropping the bottom out of that no talent ass clown. I’d shut her up once and for all with a fat cock down her throat.

  46. Tom

    Awesome tits. I don’t get the controversy. Real or not, what does it matter if you’ll never see them in person? You can imagine things either way, and that’s what’s important.

  47. Everett

    Her breasts looked better before…they had the natural, perky, tear-drop look, not Pam Anderson, rock-hard, silicone porn tits.

  48. Harry

    Definitely worth the price of a dinner at a modestly priced restaurant and 90 minutes of inane conversation about horoscopes to ride that for an hour or two.

  49. MOMO

    hour or 2?
    what are you gonna do after the first 30 seconds?

  50. ja

    i like audrina’s wonky eye…

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