Audrina Patridge on Wheels

March 5th, 2010 // 86 Comments

Here are the behind the scenes/outtakes from Audrina Patridge’s FHM photo shoot making the Internet rounds today and I’m not really going to get into the specifics of why I’m posting these. But if you guessed it’s to make Heather Graham roller derby Audrina Patridge in the vagina for stealing her schtick, you’re a goddamn wizard and should get out of my head.


  1. Spoonman

    No word on Ben Rapistberger?

  2. Richard McBeef

    Goddamn look how unnatural that bolt on looks when she lays down. The Guatemalan surgeon put those things in needs to be executed.

  3. Moller

    I’d tap that.

  4. stupid

    most stupid outfit!

  5. Skunky Rooster

    You could run the 405 betwixt those titties.

  6. Dread not

    Okay, seriously. Boing-oing-oing-oing-oing! Dead eyes is looking drop dead fuckin hot.

  7. The Pig on the Internet

    Damn, I am so rock hard.

  8. FakeTitsRock

    Don’t you just love fake tits?
    Why don’t all chicks have them???
    That is my dream…

  9. So hot. No complaints here.

  10. Ego

    I wish to impale her with my penis or in prison speak, shank her in the shower with my personal shiv.

  11. Jimbo

    I would do dirty things to that woman and help her out by giving her two lazy eyes :P

  12. Jon and Kate Plus Haiti

    Am I seeing Toe Thumbs on this one also? Are all hot girls now gonna have toe thumbs? Girls look down at your thumbs, do they look like toes? Then I am guessing you are not hot !!!

  13. antoine bugleboy


    Like so many of the vapid idiot broads on this site I can’t stand this chick, yet my penis nonetheless respectfully disagrees. Excuse me while I go choke him for being so “disobedient”.

  14. This girl has had her ankles behind her ears more times than Tiger Woods has banged white pussy. And that’s a lot of fucking times (yes, pun intended).

    RPG, here all week…

  15. TitsMcgue

    Umm…first off…if you are going to get implants, get implants that dont sag like an old ladies…I mean she looks like she has Lohan’s tit saggage in the pic of her lying down.

  16. harry satchel

    bleeeahhh – sideboob in pic 2 is lookin’ haggard. I’d still spackle her good, no doubt, but shit how is she a sought after model?

  17. van

    Amazing body marred by weird boob job.

  18. Mr. Nice Guy

    She is sooooooooo Hott. F the Haters, No F her Please!

  19. datroof

    Scenes from Boogie Nights 2 – Revenge of Rollergirl

  20. Oh my goodness, my toes DO look like thumbs. : X

  21. alisa

    so funny how you guys are talking shit about her….. makes it obvious that the little boys that come to this website are the kind that dont get laid so they talk shit about hot chicks… hilarious! audrina is hot and you all know it and will neveerrrrr get a girl even half as hot as her. just accept it and stop being so bitter.

  22. She is an idiot, but she’s hot.

  23. Hennifer Lopez

    Umm @ #18

    Are you fucking kidding me??
    If you actually ever saw a girl lying down naked on her back you would probably know, that unless she was built like a 11 year old girl (which I definitely wouldnt put past you) that BOOBS MOVE TO THE SIDE. Its not because she’s old or they are “saggy”, its called gravity you fucking dumbass.

  24. Nice pics….i think that she was not worry if she was slip because many guys are want to take her in their arm.i don’t know how is lucky one.

  25. Andy

    i aint mad at dat

  26. Perfect Double Tapered

    “Excuse me Mr. Picture Taker, why do these boots have rotating soles?”

  27. Damn 29, wish i’d said that.

  28. captain america

    be honest: WE GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE WHEELS, folks?

  29. Holy crap!!! Just look at that cleavage.

  30. Dread not

    @ 15
    You noticed her thumbs?!

  31. NG

    Low-Res FTW. Not.

  32. hootie

    #16 you pretty much summed it up; she is a worthless vapid cunt with a wonky boob job; and yet, she makes my wiener very happy. No straight dude would turn that piece of ass down; as much as I hate to say it, she looks really good in those pictures.

  33. I love Audrina…. Rollergirl!

  34. Bob

    Dear fat-asses;

    Skinny people are real and they don’t starve themselves to get the way – put down the cheese fries. If you have a glandular disorder and are secure in your look, than so am I – you look fabulous.


  35. Tiffany

    Audrina looks really good, I am excited for the hills. Get all of her clothes here

  36. Wow, she is soooo hot I would take everything from her lol

  37. bribios


    I agree. I get so tired of people saying that skinny girls “aren’t real women” and all that crap. If that’s true, then how do you explain like 85 percent of the world population outside of the US? A lot of foreign girls tend to be thinner because they aren’t eating big portions of unhealthy food. You’d be surprised just how little food the body needs in order to operate at a healthy level.

    We are an over consuming society. Our obesity problem only proves it.

  38. bribios

    And yeah like every guy on here, I think she’s a moron but I would rail her for a week straight given the opportunity. Nothing wrong with that, most girls I know would hump the crap out of Robert Pattinson and the dude is a douchenuke. Just the way it works.

  39. She's no Heather Graham

    Stringy and trashy looking. You don’t need talents or looks to get by anymore. Just extensions and bolt-on boobs on a stick. Yeah. That’s hot. Sigh.

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  41. Damn, just DAMN – She is fine

  42. Milandir

    I’d get in there and tear that up

  43. Jay Climbs

    Well put, #27. Thats some deep shit man. Couldn’t have put it any better myself. Alternatively, what the fuck are you babbling about?

  44. GianniRed

    Well, dead eyes or not, it’s still better than the production of “Zoo Animals on Wheels” I was dragged to.

  45. kingofbeer

    very nice! very very nice! yes indeed :)

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