Audrina Patridge in a Bikini

April 4th, 2010 // 98 Comments

Before The Hills goes off the air and even less people know who the hell she is, Audrina Patridge cashed in by hosting a pool party at Wet Republic Saturday which is exactly what I’d be doing in her shoes. But only when I’m not confronting plastic surgeons until they agree it’s not healthy for cars to be able to parallel park between my tits. That can’t be fair to the meter maids.


  1. GQ Guy

    One of the most perfect bodies in the world.

  2. Posttache

    Sup with her tits?

  3. Jess

    dayyyyyym she’s got a really nice figure
    Are her boobs real?

  4. Posttache

    Not bad

  5. tilly

    Are her breasts fake or real ?
    If real… I AM JEALOUS

  6. Martin

    tits real?

  7. WTF

    Man that girl has some fucked up funbags! Sick and not in a good way.

  8. WTF

    If you think this chick has a good figure than your perception of a good female form is really messed up!

  9. Mark

    people who talk about her bod in a mean way are probably girls. And VERY jealous, fat girls :D
    chubbeh chubbeh :D

  10. kinky

    so fine………
    BUT are her boobies real? hmmm…
    If they ARE real then … mymy she’s perfectio

  11. katy

    I think her boobs are real :)
    nice bod.
    I think her legs are a bit chubby but upper half is INCREDIBLEEii

  12. easter bunny

    short legs. ugly nails (pict 12). young body. little brains.

  13. easter bunny

    short legs. ugly feet (pict 12). young body. little brains.

  14. mer


  15. Hey looking so hot in bikini and i love her all images, and looked the eyes, her eyes looking so gorgeous, i love her figure,

  16. alive

    confirmed fake boobs. Do you really think natural boobs at her age go as far apart as her eyes do??

  17. shane

    How can people look at the worst case of refund gap and ask if they are real?

  18. NL

    @17: cuz they are 12 yrs old boys who never feel/see real boobs except their moms’?

  19. Hey looking so hot in bikini and i love her all images, and looked the eyes, her eyes looking so gorgeous, i love her figure….

  20. Deano

    yes her boobs are fake.The gap in between is a perfect place to slide my dick into though :)

  21. Mr. Nice Guy

    Her Tits look REAL, REAL NICE. Who cares if she had work done, it was good work and will still look great in 30 years.

  22. the game

    from the back she audrina looks perfectly amazing. better than bar refaeli. bar is toooo curvy.

  23. Thanks for taking the time to write this post

  24. Wow! tHAT’s one hell of a physique she got there! She’s really one hot chick if you ask me! PLus the smile! The smile is really a killer!

  25. rrrrr

    S eekInterracial DOT COM=== A GOOD CLUB FOR FUN!! JOIN I T FOR FREE NOw!!

  26. She is such an awesome person, I love Audrina and hope she wins awards at the mtv movie award..

  27. jt

    i cannot believe there are some people here who actually think her boobs are real hahahahahaahaha. the girl is 80% dupont resin.

  28. pimp

    i’d jack off in her mouth….

  29. I wish her boobs were real I would like her a whole of a lot more.

    Either way she has an amazing face and body. Hot girl!

  30. G&T

    The hottest thing since the Trivection oven!!

  31. JesseJimmy

    This fake funbagged talentless skank needs to keep those ridiculously oversized sunglasses on to cover up her butterface.

    However, I would like to creampie her luscious bunghole from behind, as long as I didn’t have to see her butterface and clowntits in a mirror.


  32. Dick Tree

    borderline cute and borderline deformed.

  33. Beeotch

    Looks like she treated herself to a Tori Spelling boob job!

  34. Dank

    You guys are stupid. You could drive a big rig through that cleavage. Gross

  35. I like to look at her, ya know?

  36. Jen

    cant she afford to get her tits fixed?

  37. Drundel

    Great body, but damn, she needs to get her boobs redone. They are too big or change up something on them, they look porn star bad.

  38. Ryan the Canadian

    Being a humble man who lives where it is cold too much of the year, I will put here that I accept her breasts for what she paid them to be and would take her out to sushi anytime.

  39. Zyklon

    Aw, she looks hungry. :(

  40. Stumped

    Can’t tell what kind of facial surgery (aside from lip injections) she had done to make her face look so much better, but her dr. deserves some recognition. Except for the boobs he jacked up…too bad about those. She should have gone to my dr.

  41. eatme

    Are people here retarded?
    “Are her tits real”?
    they are the fakest fucking tits in hollywood. Can they get any father apart?

  42. Screaming Meat Nugget

    This woman is so fucking useless.

  43. TekMoney

    I think it’s hilarious that girls (or at least guys pretending to be girls) are asking if her tits are real, followed by “if so, they’re perfect!”.
    Seriously? It’s BEEN confirmed that she has had at least 2 boob jobs. Not only that, but if having wonky tits and a huge gap between them = perfect then sign me up for the list of unperfect ones cuz this shit is gross.
    Also, keep the shades on, Audrina. Your down syndrome looking face is not nice.

  44. bar room hero


    It is pretty obvious that they are fake…people are stupid.

    I’m not a fan of aftermarket bolt-ons, but she looks good though…much better than her tranny friend….yuck.

  45. Stu Gavin

    Who cares if her tits are real? The rest of her body is HOT. I like her cute face with the oversized teeth, she’s unique looking in that way.

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