Audrina Patridge in a bikini

June 15th, 2009 // 52 Comments

Here’s Audrina Patridge on vacation in Cabo with her latest boyfriend Corey Bohan, and seriously, is this woman ever single? I know the answer is “Shut up and look at her breasts,” but– actually, that does cover everything I could possibly want to know here. Thanks, me.

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  1. tired of crap

    Aren’t I supposed to be turned on by boobs? Nope, nothing here. There is NOTHING about her that is tantalizing or even engaging. What a waste of a perfectly good V.

  2. Vince Lombardi

    FIRST down!

  3. Glenn Quagmire

    Giggity Giggity Goo

  4. Automated Response

    They must smell divine.

  5. Zanna


  6. Useless People

    She’s so useless, she farts stupidity.

  7. el-douche

    I don’t know who this chick is or why she is famous, nor do I care, but she’s hot.

  8. Max Planck


  9. Moto Rola

    The gap between her fake funbags doesn’t look as wide in these pictures.

  10. Death2Speidi

    Nice side-boob shots…they’re a mess when you view them straight on though.

  11. #5 – The Fung Wah is both cheap and fun!

  12. JoeBlo


  13. Anonymous

    Supremely untalented.

  14. Duuude

    I’d probably rather fuck Amy. Audrina doesn’t seem nearly as approachable.

  15. Erica

    Her body is like 75% torso, 25% legs. That makes me sad.

  16. Duuude

    I’d probably rather fuck Amy. Audrina doesn’t seem nearly as approachable.

  17. Zanna

    @11 – what a coincidence. So am I. And a Fung-Wah bore down upon me late Saturday afternoon. It almost made me cry.

  18. gamerdude

    Damn I need to lose some weight.

  19. woopwoop

    damn her new boyfriend is hot!
    Very nice audrina..

  20. havoc

    Nice ass….


  21. #16 – If You Seek Amy…

    #17 – Where else in America can you feel like you’re in a foreign country for 4 freakin’ hours straight??

  22. She has mini legs.

  23. Alyssa

    fake boobies look like Shauna Sands after a while
    fine when youre young, but when your skin gets crepe-y and stretchy, you get floppy nipple, like our Lucite Princess, Shauna

  24. Giant Penis Having Dude

    @9 The gap is just perfect for my gigantic penis. Seriously this penis is of mine is huge, like blue whale purple alien penis huge.

  25. Bertha


  26. CrunchPop

    So whose face is rounder, this cunt’s or Miley Cyrus’s? I think it’s a tie, they’re both moon-faces.

  27. Ill bet you dont even remember she spent $5000 on those double airbags, once you start feeling the heat, and aroma…

  28. the assman approves.

  29. sdtangler

    A mind is a terrible thing.

    She’s so stupid, she’d get fired from a blow job.

  30. T-Mon

    even with fakes i’d do her

  31. Tanzarian

    I’d bang her hard enough to make ‘em pop with my final thrust. That way, in the bloody explosion of flesh and silicone, I’m be coming in her then throwing up on her.

  32. Tom K

    She has a nice stomach…..that’s about it

  33. bossvnnv

    I’d totally bang that farting ass.

  34. KIM

    Audrina is the nicest and prettiest on T.V. today. Congrats to her and Cory.

  35. KIM

    Audrina is the nicest and prettiest on T.V. today. Congrats to her and Cory.

  36. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Please stop expecting us to look at those Frankenboobs.

  37. She's a WHORE

    Another attention whore with fake tits (her tit job is the WORST I’ve ever seen) who’s lustily sucking on the fame cock. She does nothing, she contributes nothing, she is nothing. She’s totally useless; the less seen of her, the better…

  38. timmy the frisky virus

    Notice how, in pics 1 and 2, those tits sit exactly the same whether her arms are up or down. This shows they would feel pretty much like they’re filled with concrete.

  39. aftere seeing this picture THE SPERM IS “COMING UP” AGAIN, folks!!

  40. cookie

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  41. The crew here at Dipstix says,
    RED HOT, just like Habenero, we say of Audrina today.

  42. Rhialto

    We’re trying to get a massive bikini database.That’s the reason of the regular bikini postings.Any complains?

  43. G&T

    I never really cared much for the color red till about 2 minutes ago.
    For some reason it has suddenly become my favorite color…

  44. arroyo

    Whoa … Audrina … in a bikini? No way!

  45. I’m not one for the colour read either – dark read is cool, but bright red just shouts Baywatch wanna be!

    acai berry

  46. she looks way older than 23, like so many other of these Hollywood wannabees. Fake tits and horrible hard bodied look, don’t think it looks feminine at all but probably goes down well in L.A

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