Audrina Patridge in a bikini

January 9th, 2009 // 32 Comments

These are shots of Audrina Patridge on vacation in Cabo that she posted on her official website. Of all The Hills stars, I think I respect Audrina the most. But only because she recognizes the fact that people just want to see her oddly-spaced cans. You can’t teach that kind of talent. Believe me, I’ve tried, and those nuns were surprisingly adamant about filing a restraining order afterward.


  1. ffff

    wtf does slow your roll mean

  2. JANE


  3. Jeezy

    Stupid post.

  4. Monkey's Bone

    This site is really striving not to suck as of late.

  5. I’d like her and that over-jawed Heidi chick to have a UFC match to the death.

  6. comfy

    beaver teeth, wonk eye and a gap between the tits wider than the grand canyon

  7. Its should be slow your role!

    its calm down in wigger world!

  8. i dont like her lazy eyes

  9. grobpilot

    “Slow Your Roll”? I’ll bet Hollywood will pick up on that and turn it into a new catch phrase that they’ll all start repeating, in much the same way that they all flash the fucking peace sign and they have no idea what it means. I also have no idea what it means so, after this post, I’ll never say it again.

  10. God I hope that tattoo is real. Then you can explain to your kids, “I thought I was super cool when I was 21, when obviously, I was not.”

    Her boob job is the worst…

  11. Ted from Detroit

    DO any of you even know why she is famous? It’s because she is the only woman in the world whose tits reside in different zip codes.

  12. Ummm...yeah...

    That stupid phrase means to chill out. I will seriously laugh my ass off if it is a real tatoo. What a fucking loser!
    Sorry Ted, I have no freaking idea who this stupid cunt is, but you were pretty funny.
    Perhaps YOU should write for Fish….God knows he’s not fucking funny at all!

  13. Superevil

    Don’t you actually have to have a job in order to go on vacation?

  14. chaos

    omg all you guys are totally gei! go get laid! she fuking HOT

  15. kinsey

    “slow your roll” is so effing outdated…..a stupid phrase that never even caught on. she is the epitome of “uncool”

  16. kinsey

    “slow your roll” is so effing outdated…..a stupid phrase that never even caught on. she is the epitome of “uncool”

  17. just curious

    Does anyone know if Audrina’s new place is a house, condo, townhouse? The entrance seems more like it is a condo.

  18. kinsey

    “slow your roll” is so effing outdated…..a stupid phrase that never even caught on. she is the epitome of “uncool”

  19. Julie

    I’m with you 18, “slow your roll” is totally dated. That’s hilarious that she thinks that’s cool and got it “fake” tattood on herself.

  20. CaptainMorgan

    That tattoo gives her a lot of street cred. Now she’ll turn into a $5 crack whore. Look out Amy…you gotz company!

    Think she got it from a ‘dizcount’ tattoo artiste – the “Y” is backwards, yo.

  21. mike

    Idiots, it’s obviously not a real tatoo….look where she is while it’s being applied!!!

  22. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    Those are some of the dumbest, ugliest tattoos I’ve ever seen. Oh, well look who we’re talking about. She should have gotten a tattoo that said, “don’t keep looking at the ceiling,” or something like that.

    Worthless twat…..

    ……………………………………this time for real!!

  24. CJ

    Dudes, it’s a henna tattoo.

  25. CJ

    Dudes, it’s a henna tattoo.

  26. margaret

    her sister is so ugly. she has an enormous chin. audrina is semi-cute, but definitely not pretty. she’s better than ball-nosed, 5 o’clock shaddow mustache lauren conrad.

  27. Dorian

    Yeah, everyone (roll your eyes here) is curious about her fake tits, spaced too far apart, but even more so, they wonder out loud about her NON EXISTENT TOP LIP.

    Cheesus, buy one will ya Awwwdrina. You’ve made enough cash to buy another top lip.

  28. Audrina is the only reason i would watch this show.

  29. Those stupid, ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen are. Oh, well look who we’re talking about. He should have gotten a tattoo that said, “keep it on the terrace looking,” or something like that.

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