Audrina Patridge giving a massage in a bikini

June 23rd, 2009 // 58 Comments

Here are some shots I just managed to get my hands on of Audrina Patridge giving her boyfriend Corey Bohan a massage in Hawaii last week. I don’t want to assume there was a happy ending because I don’t see a Hills script nearby telling her what to do. Which makes me wonder how the hell Audrina even know to give a massage in the first place. Unless Corey Bohan is a genius and hired a midget to hold up cue cards. Well played.

Photos: Splash News

  1. justin

    i hate pics like these where it would’ve been super easy to get a couple shots from the back

  2. rahilio


  3. Tanzarian


  4. brian

    nice tits

  5. Moto Rola

    She seems like the type who would give the bunghole up to the bf if he just asked.

  6. dude

    Y’wanna know what fucking idiot men (oops, I meant boys) who are turned on by fake tits need to do?

    Watch a fake tit surgery (aka breast augmentation). I have. It is bad.

    I’m a normal red blooded american male, and I approve this message.


  7. Glad she gains 5 lbs those silly—-cones looks a little less silly…

  8. ben

    if this chic never got fake tits…she would be just like those non-curvy girls who look like little boys.

    yeah, that’s hot…NOT

  9. dink squeeze

    She looks like the kind of girl who would have sex with an animal if her boyfriend asked her to.

  10. Max Planck

    Tattos suck.

  11. Scott

    “6. dude – June 23, 2009 5:36 PM

    Y’wanna know what fucking idiot men (oops, I meant boys) who are turned on by fake tits need to do?

    Watch a fake tit surgery (aka breast augmentation). I have. It is bad.

    I’m a normal red blooded american male, and I approve this message.


    Blah blah blah, stfu already….if you were stupid enough to watch a procedure that made you jaded and you now think fake tits are disgusting, thats your own fucking problem…and yet, the rest of the guys who like or dont mind fake tits (see- 99% of the straight male population) are idiots? Right. While most guys prefer natural, most could also give a fuck whether they re fake or not. And whether or not youre a normal redblooded American male’s debatable, after whining about bolt ons.

  12. Tom K

    I don’t know what to make of this cabbage patch doll face looking whore. Nice waist and tits though.

  13. clarkehead

    Was that dude born with a four-leaf clover up his ass or what?

    Holy shit.

  14. Deacon Jones

    Man, I bet conversation with this women is FUCKING AWESOME. (loads buck shot into shotgun, whistles)

  15. Richard McBeef

    @12 – No red blooded american male gives a shit whats real or not when titties are flopping around in their face.

    $10 dollars says you are bitter bitch and you thought that signing your post with “red blooded american male” gives it some sort of greater validity. You are probably a chick with mosquito bites with some granola fed ideas about fake tits, organic vegetables, and various sea mammals. Or maybe you are that big fat girl with big fat titties and you think you are just the hottest shit ever because you have size EEE REAL tits. . Whether you have real or fake, big or small tits you are definitely a bitch.

    The “idiot men (Oops, I mean boys)” shit says it all, not even a blue blooded french boy would right that.

  16. Richard McBeef

    Sorry that’s meant for 6

  17. Delgo

    I prefer real.

  18. Nathan Summers

    She just SCREAMS “dead fish”

  19. whoa nelly

    real tits rule. Period.

  20. Crabby Old Guy

    Fake tits – real tits. Who cares? All that really matters is can she suck a cock like an upright Hoover.

    Case closed.

  21. liz

    i love the arguing over fake vs real boobs.

  22. Colin

    These pics were out like a week ago. Try and keep up huh? Man what I would do to get with her. The things I would eat out of her ass…..

  23. Who is she and why should I care.

    Could this site please get back to pictures of ACTUAL CELEBRITIES instead of these C-grade no-names.

  24. Kung-fu-fightin'

    What a dumb cow. Her face looks as big & round as a trashcan lid. And slightly less attractive than one, too.

  25. Dirk Diggler

    I know she has fake tits, but I still would.

  26. They may not be real, but they’re spectacular!

  27. Bella

    Ha audrina is redic. Check out Smudged Mascara. I heard it was a chill underground blog.

  28. alisa

    ummmm shes not massaging him shes putting tanning oil on him. shes hot and she wouldn’t give any of you the time of day

  29. alisa

    I may under estimate the male losers of the superficial, to be fair Audriana cant land the movie star BF she consistently aims for…its a fair trade, plus im a dumb twat which is very obvious to this post….

  30. dot

    Do these guys really not realize their ridiculous full sleeve tattoos make them look like dildos?

  31. datroof

    bewbz! BEWBZ!

    huh? whut…?

  32. Pilatunes

    >>>Tattos suck.<<<

    Indeed they do. If you aren’t part of en elite military unit, give it the fuck up.

  33. RtSS

    Now those fun-bags are made for titty f-cken… She can lube me up, and massage my ‘muscle’, and I’d place that muscle right between those scoops of delicious flesh and silicone. BaBaBaBaBaBoooooooobies!!!

  34. holy shit…

    she ain’t fuckin around with those plumbs.

  35. Fake!
    This is a total photoshop job, the lighting is all wrong.

  36. LittleCupcakes

    And how the massage got into that bikini I’ll never know.

  37. I’m sure it’s a bit scary.

  38. Shawn

    Yet another Audrina appearance that involves her wearing a bikini and not doing or saying anything retarded. God bless that young lady. Her behavior deserves a dedicated “All Audrina, All The Time” blog.

  39. Sammo

    She was put on this Earth to suck cock. And you KNOW she does, well.

  40. happybabe

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  41. sin

    Real tits, fake tits. We don’t care. Lets see them anyway. When a woman puts her tits in your face, you don’t think “Are these real?”. You think” Hot Damn, TITS are in my face!!”.

  42. Funny, because the nipples taste the same, real or fake…

  43. logicspeaking

    She’s the type of girl where you can take to a glory hole club, film her doing the deed, and then create an amateur porn site cashing in.

  44. silo

    I’m having a hankering for a silky smooth hand job right about now.

  45. silo

    I’m having a hankering for a silky smooth hand job right about now.

  46. Darth

    The perfect massage tools are hanging in her bikini top! But she isn’t probably aware of that!

  47. Nero

    Sometimes the perfect solution are within hand reach! You just have to see it!

  48. Nick

    I wonder how good the “happy ending” will be with her….yumm

  49. Martina

    Do you think he cares one bit about her tits when he’s riding her ass?
    I really don’t.

  50. Audrina is moving out The Hills, but the celebrity actress is staying at MTV.

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