Audrina Patridge believes in Doggy Heaven. Or something.

April 22nd, 2009 // 83 Comments

Audrina Patridge poses for PETA’s campaign encouraging people to adopt from animal shelters. Or at least that’s what they’d have you believe, and I’m calling bullshit. There’s no way that’s Audrina. The real one could fit at least four-five dogs between her breasts. If not eight. No dice, PETA. Just for that, I’m eating a burger – at a cock-fight. I went there.

Photos: PETA

  1. Drunkman


  2. Anexio

    Cute puppy, who’s the other dog?

  3. Frank N Stein

    That doesn’t look a bit like her. More JLH in the face than AP.

  4. J

    That photo belongs on PhotoShop Disasters. WOW. Awful. She sucks, anyway.

  5. Super King

    Aha , didn`t even realize it`s her til I read it , sure thats how she looks. Gotta wonder when greenpeace starts usin half naked girls for their “save the rain forrest” and stuff like dat campaigns.

  6. brooke

    Looks like a weird Cameron Diaz/Eva Longoria mix…?!

  7. Rolly Armbruster

    I hate that (insert racial slur here) dog. That dog is a slut!

  8. pj

    so what happens to the dogs who aren’t bought because people chose to adopt dogs instead? are dogs at the pet store immortal?

  9. mcfeely smackup

    Yeah, you should ONLY adopt dogs.

    That is if you’re really looking for a dog with behavioral problems, that will urinate on everything you own, that will be violently aggressive with other dogs, that you’ll eventually take BACK to the pound.

    It’s not like there’s this black and white dichotomy of “animal shelter = good, breeder = bad”. In fact, MOST professional breeders would never DREAM of treating their animals in the ways that shelters do…and then kill them.

    Animal shelters are horrible, depressing, medieval places and should be abolished. I’d never adopt an animal from one any more than I’d waltz down the the local mental hospital and ask to adopt a lunatic.

  10. K.T


    If she is beautiful enough to be a celebrity than why does she need to be airbrushed, photoshopped, etc?? The hottie at my local cafe is flawless, so why is this freak even bothering???? Audrina is disgusting, her face is fucking munted, her tits go west and east and you can see her fucking ribcage between them!! This is some sort of twisted conspiracy….are they all this good at giving blowjobs to Hollywood execs under their desks or WHAT?? I dont understand how ugly, freaky looking googly eyed sluts can get famous whilst there is amazingly beautiful women everywhere I go….that aren’t famous.

    I hope the dog bites her already fucked up face right off!!!! Alien looking WHOREBAG.

  11. testington

    is that even her?

    its so weird all this is happening when Lauren is out of town

  12. Randal

    Once an angel, always an angel. Love you Audrina! xoxo.


  13. Sarah

    Nice, #11

  14. dude

    I’d like to do her “doggy” style. i bet it feels like “heaven” inside her pussy. I bet she has the pussy of an “angel”. …Alright, I’m done.

  15. Rick

    She adopted a dog and named him “Gaptits McThinlips”.

  16. LOL

    She can believe in whatever she wants to in my eyes.

    She’s so hot…..

  17. Darth

    Whoof! whoof! I need background singers for a new song!

  18. dude_on

    Has anyone every benefited from the addition of an upper lip like she has? It truly makes all the difference. They even enhanced it a little for this image. Oh, and she once displayed her snatch through a see-through bikini. I really like her.

  19. Jamie's Uterus

    That doesn’t look like her at all? It almost looks like a cartoon.

  20. Another chick in a Self portrait/ lay outs…Im sure this will be hanging in her living room!

  21. I’m kind of sick of seeing celebrities on here I’ve never heard of. Is it me?

  22. Marketta

    LOL! Her head’s too big.

  23. killa cam

    it’d be such a nice message from PETA if they only did their homework. i recently murdered aka purchased a puppy from a breeder, but only because most shelters and adoption agencies make it harder to adopt a puppy than adopt a kid (i mean just look at angelina…don’t see a flock of dogs running around her at all times). because the shelters made it so hard on me and i got turned down for 4 different dogs that would’ve had a great home, i ended up buying a pup and he’s happy as a clam and spoiled while those other dogs are probably still in their shelters living in their own crap…poor guys

  24. Actually this is a great opportunity to admire the Photo Technician’s skills, they should start putting their initials in a preferred angle.

  25. Crabby Old Guy

    So, was she Shirley’s OTHER daughter? Considering how poorly Laurie played the tambourine, she must have really sucked as a musician to not be included in the family band. Wonder if Ruben banged her after one of their concerts.

  26. Lefty

    Peta, you continue to be an embarrassment.

    Get back to painting up nubile naked models with tiger striped titties and putting them in cages in public places. That I approve of.

    Or maybe start recruiting an army of smoking hot PetaWhores who use their bodies to convince guys like me to become vegetarians – by fucking us. They could pay us surprise visits at our homes, and if no animal products are found, we are rewarded with some free sex.

  27. wildelk27

    Does she have a mustache??

  28. satnswombat

    Ironic advert considering I just read this;

    “PETA’s “Animal Record” report for 2008, filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, shows that the animal rights group killed 95 percent of the dogs and cats in its care last year. During all of 2008, PETA found adoptive homes for just seven pets.

    Just seven animals — out of the 2,216 it took in. PETA just broke its own record.”

    How can anyone be stupid enough to support these people?

  29. Tessa

    OK #14, you’re trying way too hard.

    You’re the guy who used to make all those awful jokes in class, followed by that nervous self-depricating laughter, aren’t you?

    P.S. You might want to look into a hooker. If you’re that hard-up to get laid that you fantasize about this chick, just go ahead & drop a Benjamin & be done with it.

  30. Barry O

    Good point, #28. PETA is just a holding tank for belligerent morons who want to be activism middle-management, instead of actually helping animals. They want to do policy but are too good to shovel shit.

    But you can’t slam shelter dogs. Many of em end up there because idiot owners bought from puppy mills online or in sacchrine cutesy boutiques, and failed to train them. Some idiots don’t realize the commitment to training dogs.

    But you can’t say all dogs there are inherently bad. I used to go to a HS shelter to spend time with and play w/ the dogs so they get some interaction. Most dogs get comfort from interaction, incl. w/ humans. There were some magnificent, calm & loyal animals there.

    So help curb careless overbreeding by puppymills and give shelter dogs a chance (after you realize the commitment you’re making). Don’t do it b/c PETA tells you to, but because dogs should be more than a cute disposable commodity.

  31. J

    I mean, has anyone even noticed that she no longer has an elbow, and her arm looks like it’s about 4 inches long? There really is nothing anyone can do to make this stupid-looking cunt look any better, anyway.

  32. Kitty says fuck PETA

    I love animals but I can’t stand PETA and all their “shocking” stunts (which, for some reason, usually involve degrading women in some manner). Cute doggie though ^_^

  33. I would have never guessed in a million years that that “picture” was supposed to be Audrina Patridge. Even after reading that it was her, I still don’t see it. The airbrush team went a little overboard on this one!

  34. Herechange

    Cute dog. Flying…stunning face. I love her. It’s lucky to see more about her on rich kiss.c om. Her profile is hidden now. What a pity!

  35. titsonsnack

    PeTA can lick my asshole. The only thing they know how to do is take people’s money.

  36. mel

    you can’t recognize her without the awful cleavage

  37. friendlyfires

    1.)I’m not a PETA supporter #28 BUT The story from the website IS a bullshit lie created by the website is on – a far right conservative organization involved with discrediting anything perceived as liberal agenda, using fear uncertainty lies. We are working to out them and their benefactors and shut it down
    2.) Superficial, a cock fight? How manly is it to watch two guys duel with their pork swords, hah there, I went there, hah
    3.) Lucky lucky lucky dog – for five minutes – then she stubbed a cigarette out in its butt (the cat was hiding under the couch) and tried to make it into a handbag.

  38. the majority

    We really love our pets, but other than that, we have much more serious fucking stuff to focus on than “animal rights.”

    Sorry, PETA, but it’s that simple. You know it, don’t you? That’s why you stoop to such extremes to try to attract and hold our attention.

    It’s not working.

    But thanks for the celebrity skin.

  39. sin

    Stupid PETA. Everyone knows Speedy Gonzales is a mouse, not a dog.

    Why are these people more interested in animal rights than, say ,the rights of abused children? That would be a nice ad. Abuse your child but don’t you dare touch the dog. Pathetic.

  40. el mystico

    PETA is chick full ‘o nuts. One of their recent stunts, aimed at dog beeders, is to sneak through dog shows opening cages while the owners aren’t looking, They claim this will deprive the breeders of their income and bankrupt them, not to mention cause chaos at the dog shows.

    Problem is, letting breedable dogs run free means PETA is just adding to the problem they are blaming on the breedersr: adding to the population. The show dogs escape into the wild and end up just making more dogs for shelters to find homes for.

    PETA has always seemed like it’s run by radical people with an agenda, who spout flaming crap that blinds impressionable kids — and dumbass models — with rage.

  41. robynnn

    she’s pretty enough on her own, but this is so airbrushed it looks like a fucking CARTOON!!!!

  42. barnyard

    buy animals means killing animals? you mean like at the butcher’s when I buy tasty red meat and dodo eggs?

  43. barnyard

    buying animals means killing animals? you mean like at the butcher’s when I buy tasty red meat and dodo eggs?

  44. Cash


    That website is not bullshit or right wing, and those numbers are a matter of public record. How the hell are you supposed to fake something that is in black and white in Virginia’s hall of records? PETA is a bunch of murdering fuck heads, and they have stated, proudly and publicly, that the animals they killed were better off dead then living in servitude and subservience to mankind.

  45. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  46. Daniel

    #11 that is fucking hilarious haha

  47. again: DON’T DO THIS AGAIN.
    “PETA” sucks on all fronts!!

  48. Aly

    Good for her
    But good god, what happened to her face? She looks completely different, I thought it was Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Peta doesn’t suck.

  49. arroyo

    That looks like a “virtual Audrina” really strange.

  50. Darth

    Whoof,whof,whooof! This is the new title of the song!

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