Audrina Patrdige forgets she’s 85% plastic, too

January 15th, 2010 // 77 Comments

Despite the fact she won’t admit to being recyclable herself, Audrina Patridge says she supports Heidi Montag’s decision to undergo 500 reconstructive surgeries if it makes her happy. People reports:

But even as the 24-year-old reality star shows her support, Patridge admits surprise at the number of procedures her friend underwent.
“I think it’s a case of, ‘To each their own,’ ” she told PEOPLE on Thursday while at Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge at Zune in West Hollywood, “but 10 procedures in one day is a little much.”

While Heidi went for the more shocking – and lucrative – go into seclusion and come out with your head sewed onto a Barbie doll approach, Audrina’s a fan of the classic, gradual method. You know, a new pair of tits here, a new nose there. That way you can lie to your loved ones until your chin falls off at your nephew’s birthday party pushing him right into ballet school. It’s the proper way.

NOTE: Included a scan detailing Heidi’s surgeries from the latest issue of People so maybe you can guys tell me why she even bothered with her face.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Kaitlyn

    DAMN ! She looks fucking hideous. Like idk how she tells herself she beautiful because she looks even worse than before. I wish I could tell her that. Or just rip out her face.

  2. Maggie

    What an ungrateful retard.

  3. Esquire

    Gotta agree. She was much prettier before surgery. She at least looked real.

  4. karma

    it’s actually funny how bad she looks after spending all that fucking money on surgeries. what a dumb ass.

  5. kitty_kat

    She was never attractive, but now she doesn’t even look human.

  6. ovejarry

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  7. ovejarry

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  8. ….I’m flabbergasted. She looks terrible. She’s aged herself at least 10 years, and her breasts look ridiculous. Those eyebrows?? WTF?! She used to be pretty and her body was really nice, she at least had that going for her. Now she has nothing. Her personality sucks, she’s a vapid ditz, and now her looks match that. She reminds me of Michael Jackson with bolt on watermelon boobs.

  9. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I agree with Chupacabra 1000%. It kind of reminded me of that episode in South Park where Kyle’s dad became dolphin.
    It’s about time she realized her husband is gay and no matter what she does to herself he wouldn’t want to fuck her.
    Love is lame. I hate love, it turns a person into complete fool!

  10. StupidHills

    she looks like an alien, and her husband is a massive jerk. Plastic surgery is for old people, she looks worse than Donatella Versace.

  11. Sad

    She was incredibly cute before any of her surgeries…all her surgeries were seriously unnecessary its sad. She now looks like a woman pushing mid 40s desperately trying to stay young. All this is showing is how fragile her sense of self is.

  12. She blows

    audrina patridge needs to shut the fuck up; she should never speak again. I had the displeasure of seeing her in “Into The Blue 2″, and the bitch cannot act to save her life. Not only is her titty job horrible looking & made of plastic, but her acting is as plastic as it comes as well. I guess she thinks that because she’s a “reality tv celebrity”, she doesn’t need to learn to act. I see a future in porn for her; she could be a blowjob specialist…

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  14. Brooke

    OH dear lord, she looks horrible. I have always thought she was a very pretty girl, especially before she started having all the plastic surgeries. She looked good before these last 10 procedures and now she looks terrible, she looks just like a porn star, she looks so much like Jenna Jameson and Aubrey Oday (which were also both beautiful til they started having too much surgery). The big boobs make her look all around heavier, so the liposuction was just a waste. Heidi has RUINED her face, I mean I can understand wanting to have your ears pinned back a little, but the rest of it was unnecessary and she came out worse. She doesn’t even look like the same girl. She looks OLDER, which is not a good thing in Hollywood. This is SAD SAD SAD…Spencer needs to tell her to STOP and if he is encouraging this she should leave him. 10 surgeries in one day is screaming ADDICTION…

  15. Brooke

    To #46, Jealous? Everyone besides you pretty much has said that Heidi looked good until she had all these procedures, if everyone was jealous they’d say she never looked good or would be glad that she’d had all these surgeries b/c the girl looks worse. How can you look at the before picture of a pretty 23 yr. old girl and then the after where she aged herself AND made herself look heavier by the way too big for her frame boobs, and basically looks like a different person all together. If I were Heidi, I would cry my eyes out if I saw the before and then looked in the mirror and saw the after. It is SAD..We feel bad for her, not jealous of her. I can understand having 1-2 things fixed but 10 surgeries in one day? Really? You agree with this? Who are you Spencer Pratt? If you are then let me tell you something, Heidi looked great til she got in with you and it seems to me like you have drained her self confidence. If you are the one advising her on having these procedures then you are a FOOL…

  16. Is it me or does she have short arms?

  17. The Truth


    You’re still fat.

    You make me sick you dirty nasty piggy.

    Spencer feeds you too much protein, cut back on his love shakes you cream loving swine.

  18. Melissa

    She totally ruined herself. She was so cute and pretty before. Now she looks like her own mother, only a mother who is like 50, and had surgeries to try to look 35. She looks way way older than 23 and not in a good way. The boobs look absolutely ridiculous on her frame. I feel sorry for her that she hated how she looked to the point where she did this to herself. It just looks lifeless, plastic, and completely unoriginal. She’s going to be in for a rude awakening when she ages.
    At least her sister hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon.

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  23. Breasts ridiculous. I am in favor of people who do plastic surgery if they want and feel satisfied as a result of the correction of something that has bothered them.

  24. Cute.
    she is a beautful woman.
    I like her.

  25. So beautiful, thank you for sharing

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