Audrina Patrdige forgets she’s 85% plastic, too

January 15th, 2010 // 77 Comments

Despite the fact she won’t admit to being recyclable herself, Audrina Patridge says she supports Heidi Montag’s decision to undergo 500 reconstructive surgeries if it makes her happy. People reports:

But even as the 24-year-old reality star shows her support, Patridge admits surprise at the number of procedures her friend underwent.
“I think it’s a case of, ‘To each their own,’ ” she told PEOPLE on Thursday while at Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge at Zune in West Hollywood, “but 10 procedures in one day is a little much.”

While Heidi went for the more shocking – and lucrative – go into seclusion and come out with your head sewed onto a Barbie doll approach, Audrina’s a fan of the classic, gradual method. You know, a new pair of tits here, a new nose there. That way you can lie to your loved ones until your chin falls off at your nephew’s birthday party pushing him right into ballet school. It’s the proper way.

NOTE: Included a scan detailing Heidi’s surgeries from the latest issue of People so maybe you can guys tell me why she even bothered with her face.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Nella

    holy shit. she looks awful.

  2. person

    Alright, I can sort of get all the other stuff, but I think the tits just look awful. They were already unbelievably large, but at least they looked OK. Now she just looks like one of those horrifying anime Real Dolls.

  3. Zee Brat

    Everyone was saying “God she’s annoying but she looks damn good” before all that plastic surgery. Now she barely looks human. Good job. Brow lifts will do it to you every time.

  4. porcelina

    she looks like terri hatcher. ewww.

  5. Brian0523

    This pasticcuntasswhorebag is a skank! Only way I would do her is if she did have a plastic pussy and kept her eyes closed the entire time.

  6. lcm

    what a fucking moron. i remember vividly when i was walking through our tv room and my little sister was watching the hills or whatever like three years ago… and thinking she was so pretty. now she looks like a boring. fake pornstar. i guess maybe we should have expected the change though… now her external appearance reflects her personality perfectly. dumb bitch.

  7. lcm

    i was talking about heidi, btw. audrina has always been ug to me.

  8. Rosati

    I really don’t know why Heidi did that to herself. I thought she looked a whole lot better before all the plastic was implanted into her.

  9. BOTOX……a BROW lift??? at 23???Am i missing something here?

  10. HLM

    She got ass implants?!?! Was that to try to balance out the beachballs on her chest?

    She’s a twit and her husband is a twat.

  11. Taz

    I’d plow Audrina

  12. Maniacfive

    Love the boobs. Cause i love the look of overfilled stupidly fake tits, even if not the feel. But the rest… Before she was pretty, agree with everything #3 Said.

    Buttock Augmentation, what they don’t tell ya is that’s not like Kims, that’s Spencers wishes, she’s had hair implanted all over it so he can pretend shes a burly man from behind.

  13. Cash

    Why did she get a chin reduction? Now she has a damn square man-jaw. So much better looking before then after. I guess her fake marriage to a bleach blonde ass-pirate is finally getting to her. Poor thing.

  14. chav

    Those are some massive balloons she put in her chest!

  15. lwot

    No wonder Speidi were not in the news last month, she was getting all stitched up.

  16. Stupid girl

    Brow lifts make you look OLDER. Sure, wrinkles are smoothed, but you then look like a 50 year old trying to look younger.

    She is so young, and looked so pretty before (I mean before, BEFORE. Like pre-surgery).

  17. Kris09tenn

    HAHAHAHA and she wants kids. yeah id like to see the pictures/pricetag for the damage control on that.

  18. every celebrity make plastic disgusting.

  19. N

    Wow… she looks weird with the brow lift. The body surgeries were unnecessary. Actually, I’d say all of them were. This is how she looked before ANY surgery. She actually looks kind of cute…and normal!

  20. Cristina

    Audrina, you are a goddess

  21. neptune

    Wow, she was a lot more attractive before all that. She looks like a porn star / real doll / manikin now. Yuck.

  22. Max Planck

    Can they get brain transplants too?

    Or simply suffer fools gladly.

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  24. Sarah

    It looks like she had cheek implants too.

  25. Vinnie the Chin.

    I liked her old chin. It was great for me to rest my balls on.

  26. Sport

    Sorry – waste of money. You were scabby before and now you are PLASTIC and scabby.

  27. ballsy

    I figured it out! Shes trying to become the next Shauna Sand. Bad thing is people would actually buy a sextape starring this skank.

  28. ballsy

    I figured it out! She is trying to become the next Shauna Sand. 1. douchebag (future) ex-husband. 2. Posed in Playboy (Pathetically) 3. Way too much Plastic Surgery. 4. How far behind can a sex tape be? Attention whores will do anything to stay on the gossip pages. Bad thing is, people will actually pay to watch Heidi’s sextape.

  29. JPRichardson

    That thing there should do porn.

  30. Chupacabra

    She almost looked like a cuter helen hunt BEFORE all the surgury. Her cute, yet, a little larger nose looked better with her original chin – it helped balance it out, she was like a cross between a young helen hunt and laura dern – ain’t nothing wrong with that.

    now.. NOW, she looks totally different. Her husband is OBVIOUSLY gay, because no man in his right man on EARTH would have let her fuck with that original face, maybe, yea, let her get lip and a boob job, but not boobs THAT Large. it just goes to show what a sham of a marriage those two douche bags are in. SHAM and SHAME!!!!!!!!

  31. Chupacabra

    I meant “lipo and a boob job” not lip. Lip jobs suck haha suck.

    One of these days, when people finally understand how stupid boob jobs really are, and how unique having small boobs are – how it makes you look skinny and young and cute, they’ll regret what they’ve done (Pamela? Shauna? I’m looking at you two broads)…

    Stupid fucking vapid hollywood cunts.

  32. Angela

    This is ridiculous…….I can’t stand her personality, but admittedly she is a very pretty person, or was before all the surgery. I think she looked way way way better before……she looks very awkward in the after picture.

  33. Angela

    This is ridiculous…….I can’t stand her personality, but admittedly she is a very pretty person, or was before all the surgery. I think she looked way way way better before……she looks very awkward in the after picture.

  34. Dee

    She used to be cute.
    Those boobs look ridiculous, and her chin looks manly.
    The brow lift really does make her look odd.
    What a shame.

  35. argleblargle

    Do you think she went into the doctor’s office and said “make me look bitchier”? Cause thats what it looks like.

  36. "Willllburrrr..."

    Hilarious. Audrina patridge, owner of hollywoods worst tit job EVER, commenting about horsey montag’s unbelievably narcissistic decision to totally change her physical appearance. Audrina should stick to doing what she does best; idiotically posing in bikinis & not talking.

    Horsey montag is now just hard to look at. What an idiot…

  37. Tanzarian

    I’ll give Audrina 10 procedures in a day.

  38. byjude

    She looks like a 45-year-old trying to pass for 35.

  39. Biggest bitch in the cosmos

    Ha, ha. All that surgery couldn’t fix what she really needs: a personality. HAW.

    Okay, a personality AND a straight husband.

  40. Dweezel

    Is there a surgery to correct her stumpy little legs?

  41. running squirrel

    I think after she was on that “I’m a celebrity” show she wanted to BE torrie wilson so she went out and got all the surgeries in an effort to look more like her.

  42. Hane

    I’m so saddened by this. I’m not a fan of her but this just does not look good.
    I agree that her original nose and chin were a better look. The boobs look ridiculous. I’m all for people getting plastic surgery if they want it and it makes them feel satisfied as a result of correcting something that has bothered them. But 10 in one day!? Self admitted addiction to plastic surgery? The girl is nutters.

  43. J

    Anyone catch all of 4.? She got box modification surgery too….

  44. Audrina Patrdige is slim and tall, did you check the earing out? They would be bigger than her ear too.

  45. boo

    wow.. sounds extremely painful. i can’t imagine all the pain.. for.. for what exactly?

  46. The ONLY Hetero Male Here

    Obviously there are a bunch of jealous fat broads here as Heidi looks OUTSTANDING. Crikey it would be so nice if all the jealous fat hideous gargoyle bee-atches here up and lost their dial up connections so REAL MEN can oggle the beautiful Heidi without having to deal with the endless scroll of lame ass comments from the aforementioned fat loser broads (and the dickless douchebags who are carrying their purse for them…)

  47. r4

    I don’t know why all celebrities are mad about the plastic surgery ..? Why they forgot that the true beauty is natural beauty . Blind race behind artificial beauty I must say.

  48. owned

    @ 46
    not everyone wants their ‘broad’ to look like shes 35 when shes 23. And dude, who gets LIPO when they’re already skinny and a brow lift when they’re under 25? can u imagine the issues being in a relationship with her?? although i’m sure you’re only interested in porking her – after which she’ll cry because she’s ‘fat’ while you sit in front of the internet furiously wanking to jordan pics and thanking the universe that you finally got to see a REAL vagina

  49. Ya ya ya

    OMG! I figured it out! She’s kind of starting to look like that bartender bitch that spencer was hitting on & hanging with. i think her name was stacie? cuz that broad is ugly too! Wow heidi must be so miserable to ruin herself this bad

  50. ya ya ya

    @ 43
    nasolabial folds are the two skin folds that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth

    wouldn’t doubt it tho if she got the whole works redone down there too lol prepping it up for the home video i hear

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