Audrina Partridge has just stepped up to filler

September 28th, 2007 // 71 Comments

I’m not sure why Audrina Partridge is famous. People tell me she’s on The Hills so I assume she must be really good at talking on her cell phone. Well, today she gets to be filler. It’s a real honor, I know. Bask in it, Audrina. Oh, I almost forgot a trademark witty comment to make this experience complete. Here we go, so, hey, your last name is Partridge. Did you enjoy riding on the bus with David Cassidy? Ha, get it? Audrina Partridge. Partridge Family. They rode that bus. No? Nothing? Damn. Sorry, Audrina. Could you maybe acquire a drug problem or neglect your kids? You know, something hilarious.

EDIT: Turns out her last name is actually Patridge, not Partridge. Wow, she’s even more useless than I thought. I’m leaving her name misspelled in the post though, because, well, she’s Audrina Partridge. I could’ve spelled it “Pancake” for all anybody cares.


  1. Famous for what? Smokin pole? I’m not surprised she’s filler.

  2. Hyeandmighty

    She is hooooootttt!

  3. Erin

    I’m pretty sure her name is Patridge, not Partridge. So the Partridge family jokes don’t exactly apply. Close enough.

  4. katie

    Her last name is actually Patridge.

  5. Kristie

    her last name is actually patridge. not partridge. oops!

  6. Judy

    No one cares about her or your old news.

  7. daverock

    does she have an upper lip?

  8. leatherdaddy


  9. Guy

    Quit with theis filler crap fish…

  10. Judy

    Turns out the loser who writes this trash doesn’t even know who he is writing about.

  11. trinity

    what’s up with her eyes, and her cheeks, and her smile, and her….

    i’m straight but she is not pretty

    not in that 1920′s style anyway

  12. Judy

    “trademark witty comment ”

    I am falling off my chair!

    My cat is wittier!

  13. mimi

    so ppl read this and then write in just to bitch? sad… ps has anyone else noticed the piece of tape on her dress in some of the more close up pictures?

  14. TS

    Turns out that half the people posting here didn’t even bother to read the article or they would have noticed that he makes fun of the mis-spelling. You must be the people who open books to look at the pictures. Like my nephew who is in kindergarten.

  15. Maybe her name is not Partridge, or Patridge. Maybe it’s Patronize. Because that’s what we are doing here.

  16. TS

    That means you Jusy, Kristie, Katie, Erin…

  17. Elliot

    Audrina is OK. Whitney Port is fucking tremendous, however.

    Also, dont bitch at the writer. If you dont like who he is writing about, go somewhere else. That’s all.

  18. flapping labia

    What a useless ugly whore. I wanna punch her in the cunt.

  19. katie

    The edit about the misspelling (one word, by the way) was posted after the first few comments pointing it out, TS.

  20. Robert Evans

    What a weird looking chick. And famous for nothing?

    Get her off this site immediately. Not even close to worthy.

  21. 100 times better than that fat-ass Kardashian that you’re in love with.

  22. You all suck

    This lipless woman again? Yikes….

  23. grobpilot

    That weird titty shot was seriously disturbing. Thanks a lot, dick. Now I’ll go home and stare at my wife’s perfectly massive cans for a couple hours to get that out of my mind. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing….

  24. lindsay

    nice double-sided tape…

  25. cissies

    double sided tape to hold her dress closed? pseudo-wardrobe malfunction maybe?

  26. SHE IS HOT!



  27. Taylor

    #15 yes the tape.. well it’s holding her Star Trek Outfit in place. Either that or it’s a white strip that fell off her Giraffe like teeth..

  28. adeliza

    She looks like Betty Boop.

    Poo Poo Pa Doo!

  29. adeliza


    Better watch where the fist goes.

  30. BunnyButt

    I like her look. It’s very old fashioned, and she looks someone who would’ve been a big star in the 1920s-1930s. Nice to see someone who doesn’t look like every other young actress out there. OMG, did I just say something nice?

  31. TS

    No it wasn’t don’t lie! Just kidding, I’m a jerk, Sorry.

  32. hey #21

    what an ugly, jealous cock sucking, fudge packing faggaliscious whore. YOU ARE!
    don’t hate on this hot chick, you butt pirate.

  33. no1justminda

    Who the fuck is this? Who the fuck CARES?

  34. she is actually hot

    if you look up other pics, or see her on tv…
    shes super HOT and pretty

  35. supes

    14: what the fuck was that? Seriously what is going on in that picture?

  36. alf oldland

    eh, looks liked a scaled-down version of josie maran (cigarette girl) from THE AVIATOR.

    good for a bang….

  37. 39???

    are you just playing?
    josie maran is kind of a hot model.
    ” good for a bang?”
    ” supermodel, i’ll let her fuck me if im up for it”

    who the hell are you? what kind of chicks do you get?? like the most beautiful women on the planet?? if you’re that fucking hot that hot supermodels are just there for you to bang if you’re up for it, i would think you would have better things to do than post comments on this website.

  38. alf oldland

    probably anyone has better things to do, but it’s funny that you want to fight on a celeb website posting board — and that you’d spend that much effort repeating my words.


  39. Shallow Val

    so who is this buck-toothed not lipped bitch anyway? She’s all kinds of ugly.

  40. oh nm

    you are gay or female

  41. alf oldland

    …or having fun f’ing with you and your prescient observations.

  42. Justin BOBBY

    42# her lips are pretty, her teeth are large not bucked you fat jealous bitch.
    shes hot
    you’re not
    suck a dick bitch

  43. sooo

    Dear Shallow Val,
    I would like your address so I can go to your home a surgically remove your eyes. My uncle is blind and would like to see, you don’t use your eyes so why not fork them over.

  44. MATTieee

    shes SEXY. not just sexy for real life. sexy for tv too.
    hotter than most for sure. her smile is cute.

  45. k8e

    ahh, did any one notice the take on her dress?

  46. SHallow Val

    Sure you can have my eyes. At least I’ll still have nice natch lips and normal front teeth. SHE’S BOOOOORING!!!!!\

    So Bobby, whyncha bob and kneel in front of sooooo and you can both go fuck yaselves. And you can have that BUCK toothed no-lipped tart anyway. No one has any taste anymore. She’s UUUUUUGLY and BOOOOORING and a NOOOOOBODY.

    Bring it on bitches, I can do this all day. What’s worse; me for raggin on her or you for defending her. Methinks, y’all.

  47. Superevil

    She looks so much like my ex girlfriend it makes me wanna hatefuck her then slam her face into the wall.

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