Audrina Patridge Exercises the Wonks

June 17th, 2010 // 60 Comments

Because apparently this thing is a week-long event for big-titted celebutards with no future, here’s Audrina Patridge working out at the MuscleMilk Light Fitness Retreat for Women. She was recently named of People’s Hottest Bodies of 2010 which makes absolutely zero sense to me. Unless this year’s criteria was “One tuck away from Tara Reid’s clay-gut” and “Breasts no less than 20 leagues asunder” which is entirely Gabourey Sidibe’s fault. No, really, thanks to her ugly is beautiful now, dogs say “meow” and fish can drive on the highway. The whole world’s gone mad!

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  1. bob

    bob you are an a$$hole

  2. Ryan
    Commented on this photo:

    She can drink my “muscle milk” any time she wants.

  3. hellokittylover
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    She looks slim and fit.

  4. Ryan

    She can drink my “muscle milk” any time she wants.

  5. Cardinal Fang
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    She’s always welcome on my blue balls!

  6. bob

    her stomach looks like some kind of jerkey

  7. Taz

    I’d sex her

  8. Deacon Jones

    Mmmm, nothing like guzzling another animal’s breast milk loaded with growth hormones.

  9. Cardinal Fang
    Commented on this photo:

    not really .. cause i’m gay !

  10. aj
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    first bitches. i’d do her. no doubt

  11. bob

    you are right mr. jones!
    Lets guzzle that super milK!!!!!

  12. Turd Ferguson
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    I like her Wonkers.

  13. Jon

    She looks good but she looks so different. Impossible to respect someone like that. Her kids will pop out ugly and her husband will wonder why.

    Case in point.. Demi Moore in Disclosure was starting to get borderline ugly before her big plastic makeover. Did you see what popped out of her?

    Google “Rumer Willis”. She is hideous. Don’t let your pets see the pics, they will jump out the window and kill themselves.

    • Gen

      Nah, that’s just because Rumer looks like Bruce… I feel really sorry for girls that will always be more ugly than their moms. Getting prettier than your mom is one of the best things about growing up- the old hag just gets more and more bitter and grounds you more and more… Not that I’m talking about personal experience or anything…

  14. f1rst
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    first :) she is so hot, i wish to engage in oral sex with her

  15. Vlad
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  16. CHN

    This girl is gross. Not hot. Would not bang her for longer than a week.

  17. peanut

    drop.dead.gorgeous (and i’m serious) i would prolly eat her feces

  18. The Truth

    Her belly button looks like a bullet hole. Did she serve in the armed forces. And why is she famous

  19. hank
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    dude if you dont think shes hot you clearly love dicks

  20. Ron Burgandy's BallSack

    She was hotter when she was natural. Now she reminds me of one of those Comfort Pillows.

  21. sunshine

    This post is just laugh-out-loud funny, keep up the great writing!

  22. Audrina Lover
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    I want to bust a nut all over her stomach attractively separated, fake knockers

  23. jesse

    i just saw this trick on regis and kelly ..i swear she made me sick to my stomach .. she really takes herself too seriously ..she said something about not going on vacation for 5 years and she needs a break.. is she serious!!! bitch ur whole life is a vacation.. silly little trick..

  24. captain america

    yep, I LIKE HER, folks!!

  25. Dave
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    While her cans have enough space to put a diamond lane in between them to lighten up Los Angeles traffic, she is still pretty damn hot when she’s covering up the grand canyon.

  26. Darrin
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    Say what you will, she is a remarkable beauty.

  27. dude
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    I would bang her bumhole and then I would suck my own cock to taste her ass juice.

  28. She is amazing. Especially in Playboy

  29. jp
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    Too skinny, no hips, no ass, ridiculous oversized bolt-on boobs. Yeah, what a great body. Oh I forgot, no brains!

    She has nice hair and with the right makeup, kinda pretty face. Good luck with that…

  30. jp
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    … anyway, who works out wearing that much makeup? Black eyeliner and all. I could go to night club with that look! I don’t need mascara when I do my bench presses lol



  32. Richport's Ghost

    Is this sow married to Peter Brady? I get my celebutards mixed up.

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  34. wutwut
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    why can’t you make a gallery that doesn’t reload the entire page when selecting another image? ever heard of ajax?

  35. James
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    beautiful chick *grope for tissues*

  36. Wilhelmina

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has bigrhetend my day!

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