Aubrey O’Day takes interesting pictures

October 4th, 2009 // 99 Comments

Aubrey O’Day apparently posted pics from her Peepshow dressing room to her Twitter over the weekend, and they have all the class and elegance of a single mom trying to get laid on MySpace while her kids are asleep. I’m surprised these shots didn’t have more open cans of Spaghetti-O’s and a LEGO brick stuck to one cheek.

Photos: Aubrey O’Day (50%! – MR)

  1. Brooke

    I’m not seeing where she’s fat… I am seeing where her breasts look like plastic boxes and her contacts are too big for her irises… I don’t even know who she is, but she looks old enough to know that this is not how mommies should act when they get bored/desperate/lonely/constipated.

  2. Larry

    I wouldn’t–oh, who am I kidding–of course I would.

  3. I’m so tierd of Aubrey and her pepperoni nipples.

  4. DJ Doggy Freud

    Yes, I concur, based on my highbrow approach to physical relationships, that I would not be able to entertain the idea of some method of contact, much less penetration with this woman due to her inexplicable display of overt sexuality, that indicates a lack of self value, accompanied by current and residual low self esteem, thus culminating in a persistent desire to portray herself as an object of sexual desire. However, in the event that these observations could somehow be interpreted as inaccurate, or incomplete of independent and/or acute indisputable evaluation of determined accuracy, then yes, I would hit that ass like a mad man possessed.

  5. pilatunes

    >>>She looks like a fucking idiot. I guess some like them dumb, though. Cute dog.<<<

    Yes, she does look like fucking idiot. Some like them dumb, yes, but not as many as you might think. Honest!

    Someone make Twitter go away.

  6. something to go

    Good lord, I love this chick more and more every day. Who the hell thinks shes fat? What are you gay or blind?



  8. unbeliever

    “Whoah – that’s one blowjob I wasn’t expecting and didn’t want. Wait … is that a fucking camera??”
    …. thought the dog.

  9. Shouldn’t she save these kind of pics for a mag & get paid or at least try to. Dumb career move. She did this on twitter? Dumb. Can you advertise anything on twitter? Where do they get their revenue? Or is Twitter just for people who need to be the center of attention for fucking free? Narcissists, but dumb ones?

  10. BTW, she’s just fat thunder thighs without definition. Time for this lazy whore to do some side lift leg pilates, The really wide ones. And those cheap contacts that are supposed to make your iris look larger only work when they are hand painted and cost over $400. She needs to pore through MY page and spend less time on Twatter. She needs to hit my TIPS category, pronto.

  11. And she should use a real dog, like a Siberian Husky, to get the Fetish people thinking. Dumb shit, email me!

  12. farty mcshitface

    this girl does NOT look fat to me. i would like to put my hotdog between those buns of hers!!!

  13. She couldn’t have more obviously photoshopped her eye colour in the last one if she tried.

    Either that or her Iris’s are leaking.

  14. Lloyd Johnson

    I don’t think many of you actually have had sex if you consider this girl ugly or fat. Little boys like little girls. The average American woman weighs 164 lbs.*, obese by your standards. Yes she has breast implants and probably butt implants too. She is still way more attractive than any woman you could possibly get. When you turn 18 go to a strip club and realize you’re gay or a pedophile.

    I still think she is a moron. Her words should never reach the public’s ears. She is the definition of seen and not heard. You cover Eddie Murphy’s jokes not his music.


  15. Aubrey got Jess’ dog! She hired that coyote.

    @ 64 – The average American (U.S. anyway) is overweight. Her weight seems to be working for her though.

  16. Aubrey got Jess’ dog! She hired that coyote.

  17. Dread not

    Nothing like a chick who knows what keeps her biscuits buttered and uses it to the max! Too early for a Tweet of the year nomination? This is one of my pics.

  18. puhleez

    Man this girl has problems. Don’t get me wrong; I’d still tax it, but it would be a hate fvck.

  19. rebecca

    Those are the sexiest pictures you’ve posted in a really long time… who cares if it’s classy or not.. she’s crazy hot

  20. Darth

    It looks like she’s comforting that little dog because it’s scared for something?!

  21. Galtacticus

    What happened to the zebra and the tiger?!

  22. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I’d be thundering between those thighs.

  23. Christina


  24. Anderson

    She looks good but the fake tan is unnecessary and tacky. Beauty means being as natural as possible.

  25. LEGOGirl

    Fish, you hit the minifig right on the head. I know you know what I mean.

  26. dobermanmom

    someone needs to tell her that her tinted contacts look pretty fake-o.
    the colour isn’t supposed to leak over into the white part of your eye, you dumb bitch!!!

  27. gotmilk?

    sure, she’s totally not a whore…

  28. huh?

    fat? are fucking kidding me? this chick looks so fuckable it is insane. this site is for haters that seriously don’t know which way is up. Aubrey, your body is incredible.

  29. snackmix

    Desperate pig.

  30. snackmix

    She must make her father proud.

  31. snackmix

    She must make her father proud.

  32. snackmix

    She must make her father proud.


    LOL…pepperoni nipples.

  34. Cameron

    The spray tan missed the crease on the bottom of her ass cheeks…

  35. congrats to kirstie alley for dropping forty pounds, 225 and a spray tan

  36. The dog looks like it’s freaked out.

  37. birdl

    Is it just me, or is she looking like the 3rd Olsen Twin?

  38. Don`t care what you say but i`d hit it! And so would you, certainly after a couple of beers in the club!

  39. Jay

    youre nice would like to know you , im from holland , please mail me

  40. Commentary

    Attention whore…

  41. Mike

    Sweet, can I have a taste?

  42. Looks good ;-)

  43. Ricky

    obray u is sexy dont listen to the haters id smash :)

  44. juda
    Commented on this photo:

    comon people what r u all talking about she is hot and a human being u all must be ugly rich classy people lol i would luv 2 c all of u pose like that on the net she is hot as shit and can do what she wants who cares she would not take those pics if she was nasty cmon b real

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