Aubrey O’Day poses for Playboy while the quasi-relevancy is hot

Aubrey O’Day is no idiot. After recently being kicked out of Danity Kane by P. Diddy, she made a beeline for Hugh Hefner while the mediocre fame is still fresh and posed for an upcoming issue of Playboy, according to TMZ:

TMZ spies say the Danity Kane has-been spent all day at a Manhattan photo studio doing a spread for Playboy, and we’re told hotshot photog Markus Klinko was the guy who had to look at her naked body all day through the lens.

That’s actually a smart move part considering the current economic climate. It’s never a bad idea to build a little nest egg before returning to your artistic roots as a truck-stop stripper. In fact – *brriiing* Shit, gotta take this. It’s Suze Orman. – Yes, Suze. Stop making you look bad? Oh, geez, I’m sorry. Tell you what, I’ll stop giving out insanely awesome financial advice – but only cause I love ya, baby. We still making love on top a pile of homeless people later? Fantastic.

Photos: Splash News