Aubrey O’Day poses for Playboy while the quasi-relevancy is hot

November 26th, 2008 // 40 Comments

Aubrey O’Day is no idiot. After recently being kicked out of Danity Kane by P. Diddy, she made a beeline for Hugh Hefner while the mediocre fame is still fresh and posed for an upcoming issue of Playboy, according to TMZ:

TMZ spies say the Danity Kane has-been spent all day at a Manhattan photo studio doing a spread for Playboy, and we’re told hotshot photog Markus Klinko was the guy who had to look at her naked body all day through the lens.

That’s actually a smart move part considering the current economic climate. It’s never a bad idea to build a little nest egg before returning to your artistic roots as a truck-stop stripper. In fact – *brriiing* Shit, gotta take this. It’s Suze Orman. – Yes, Suze. Stop making you look bad? Oh, geez, I’m sorry. Tell you what, I’ll stop giving out insanely awesome financial advice – but only cause I love ya, baby. We still making love on top a pile of homeless people later? Fantastic.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Funeral Guy

    Man face and a thick belly. Yuk!!

  2. ChuckleHead

    A happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night.

  3. stan


    This is is nothing but full-figured smoking goodness. va Va VOOM!!

  4. interesting. Happy early Thanksgiving everyone

  5. Mcfeely Smackup

    I’ve never understood the interest in Playboy. Ok, I get that it’s the place that aging and “15 minute celebrities” go to cash in on baring their boobs, and there’s certainly enough interest in that to run with.

    But what’s up with the issues WITHOUT famous or infamous chicks naked? In porn terms it rates about an F-, and as reading material not much better. Does anyone actually BUY this magazine? If so, why?

  6. superficialwriterismygod

    Isn’t Suze Orman gay? So the Superficial Writer is a chick! Aha!

  7. This wouldve been such a thrill if i knew what this broad does, or seen a “Danity Kane” act. but nevertheless…

  8. Mike

    RD, Who gives a shit what she does, she is naked, that is all that is important to real men. You on the other hand are a big pussy and probably want to spoon your blow-up doll after you are done fucking her.

  9. Do you comprehend what (Nevertheless) which follow that sentence moron?

  10. Christina

    Aubrey Sucks. Not heard of Danity Kane. Probably lucky. Probably just as good as Brooke Hogan?:S Ok for a listen, but everyone knows its not real music?!

  11. kelley

    Super, another bleached blonde with plastic tits. Yay.

  12. Balls McCoy

    She’s a nobody. Why should anybody care?

  13. moka

    fat fake bitch

  14. Max Planck

    Looks like it took a couple of tug boats to get her into that dress. Ahoy.

  15. Mike

    It is just that fact that you make such stupid statements. You are a fucking moron.

  16. Mike you sound like a beating dog, go take a seat somewhere fool,,,or do what you do best keep following me around…

  17. Cash

    Who is this chick, and the fuck is “Danity Kane?”

  18. It doesnt matter #17 mike is going to buy a whole newsstand of playboy cause hes a “real man” what a jack ass!

  19. The Playboy airbrushing team is going to be working overtime on this one…

  20. K

    remember when she was cute? i do. when i was forced to watch making the band seventy-five because i lived with younger girls who loved it (smashes head on wall). she used to be adorable and then she went under the knife and managed to come out ugly. wtf!

  21. terr

    I saw many hot sexy wealthy women on the famous the millionaire & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^^^^^, if you a are interested , you really should go to have a look.

  22. Seriously, Aubrey looks like she’s aged 20 years since she first started with Diddy……

  23. PostmortemG

    I *WAS* going to type:

    “Who’s this hooker? I’ve never heard a Danity Kane song, either [ Thank God i don't have cable ].”

    However, several people more-or-less beat me to it. Fantastic. As for Playboy, the last time i remember flipping through one was back in 1990, when i was in the 5th grade. Oh, and i might have read a Ron Jeremy interview in it a few years ago that only made me despise pornstars more… but that could’ve been another magazine. Who knows?

  24. juls

    did anyone else pick up on the fact that her face/neck is a completely different colour than her body?

  25. Dee

    crap with clothes
    crap without clothes
    who cares, for christ sakes, go back to your job
    cleaning rooms at motel 6 and get out of our faces

  26. Erica

    That dress is not flattering on god.

  27. BondJamesBond

    Playboy stock is cheaper than the magazine is…….You’re right Erica, she is going to hurt herself in that tight dress.

  28. sla

    I hope they photoshop that weird blob out of her right knee. What am I saying — I don’t care if they do or not. But they should.

  29. Vito

    Hey, Mcfeely Smackup (#5):

    I was planning to write a short blurb as to why Playboy magazine is one of the most important and influential publications in history.

    Then it dawned on me that if you’re too young to know why, then you’re too young to understand the explanation.

    Think about the question again when you grow up.

  30. friendlyfires

    Who the fuck is that tarted up Irish hausfrau? Is that supposed to be attractable? Waitaminnit, I gotta’ get drunk … nope, penis still dead … more booze … nope, still alseep … we need a control here … Star Jones atop a bucket of chum and horse renderings … yep, that did it … she’s trash.

  31. Tom K

    She is such a white trash whore. I’m sure P. Diddy had his gorilla penis in there!!!!

  32. Tom K

    What a slut!

  33. shannon

    ugly, shapeless body. talentless skank. get lost already.

  34. Katherine

    This girl used to be so hot! I mean, what happened? She looks cute, but who wouldn’t with designer outfits and that much makeup. She looks good in these pics though, compared to the messes we’ve seen in the last couple months…specially that hideous mermaid costume she wore for Halloween. Geez!

  35. This is a licker?
    ………………..that idea is damn hot, folks!!

  36. Racer X

    I’d eat her out.

  37. schadenfreudelicious

    that dress is not doing her body any favors, she looks like a tank with tits!

  38. michy

    at this point everyone can do playboy

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