Aubrey O’Day of Danity- oh yeah those are nipples

April 17th, 2008 // 77 Comments

At first I didn’t recognize Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day without Kim Kardashian’s ass in her face. Then I didn’t recognize her even more because it took me about 12 hours to look at her face. I was, uh, admiring her jeans. So, yeah, basically, what I’m getting at is after a long day of deep, intellectual discussion on race, reuniting with our old friend Britney and tackling the injustices of pregnancy, there’s nothing like a set of visible nipples to bring us all together. Group hug!

NOTE: Uncensored pics are LSFW for the obvious reasons.

Photos: Splash News

  1. mcbeef

    titty fuck fuck

    fuck fuck fuck

    titty fuck fuck

    fuck fuck fuck


  2. hahaha

    who needs bras

  3. anon


  4. Jewel


  5. I second that, McBeef!!

  6. On the left is where I keep my hundreds, on the right is my braflask

  7. hahaha

    @6 LOL

  8. karan malhotra

    shes slamming

  9. No idea who this chick is but…..great rack!

  10. Alex

    Ugh, this is why I can never buy expensive jeans! That yolk is so unflattering. It makes her ass look saggy. Girls pay attention, you want a yolk that’s either like that but inverted or heart-shaped (ideally pocketless) for a perky rear. There are very few expensive jeans that offer something like that because they’re designed by people who have little desire to flatter the female figure. Think about that the next time you shell out hundreds of bucks for unflattering clothes.

  11. mmmm….looks just like my daughter’s nipples…mmmmm

  12. Rip Van Winkle

    the things i’d do for that T & A…………………….i’d never come up for air!

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  14. Ted from LA

    One of my favorite looks. Bras are overrated. Ted from LA likes the natural look. Client #9 would pay big money for a night with this bimbo.

  15. grobpilot

    Great titties. I wonder if there is a surgical procedure she can get that will reduce those “Village of the Damned” eyeballs? Fuckin’ scary.

  16. Jimmy from Seinfeld

    Jimmy likes this look too.

  17. Hank

    Given the spam writing, I think we should complain to Anticrown.

  18. Alex

    14 They could make us type in some of those annoying scrambled number things, but I think these spammers are actually people. What do you want Anticlown Media to do about? What is your solution?

  19. Crooked

    Dude–her nipples are totally pointing in weird directions. Has she had a boob job?

  20. #20 – a tax on rice. Do that, and all of the spam writers will leave the country.

  21. booboo

    Hot, Hot…I love her

  22. Ash

    And this is exactly why a woman should be president… except one that doesn’t look like the muppet Animal, breasts v. terrorism! hiyo!

  23. Ted from LA

    Alright Fish, now you’re really starting to piss me off. Who is the prude who decided to place red stars over her nipples. They’re not even exposed you dumb fuck.

  24. Dick Bush

    I need a cowgirl ride and pop one of those berries in my mouth.

    YEOW. Dunno why, but she makes me stiff.

  25. tony ton

    Finally some nipps!!!!!!! its been a while

  26. monkeyfightclub

    clone her please

  27. Jude

    A bleach blonde whore with fake tits…there’s something you don’t see every day. Oh wait, it is.

  28. me

    who is that? why is she famous? homemade porn?

  29. CunningLinguist

    #11 – It’s YOKE, not YOLK. Yolks are in eggs, dumbass. Also, what woman actually thinks jeans without butt pockets are flattering???

  30. Yeah!!!! Everybody knows that jeans without butt pockets are not only unflattering, but have no place for buttpocketflask!!

  31. Quinn

    Tiny beautiful nipples!!!

  32. CJ

    Face it boys…real ones droop and then get tons of insults…you guys are stuck with the artificially filled ones until you learn to truly appreciate nature’s best!!!

  33. oy vey`

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  34. Brad

    I’d do ‘er.

  35. jeff

    sean combs is a lucky man!

  36. Derrick

    Her nipples are not even level… What a shitty boob job!!!

  37. Frank Rizzo

    God I would give her the greatest 15 seconds of her life… after I microwaved her a couple pop-tarts and we shared in the brown-sugary goodness, we would cuddle on my Power Rangers blanket and watch my favorite episodes of Dharma and Greg.

  38. Ted from LA

    Nicely played. You too #17.

  39. Ted from LA

    Do you know what this woman and Mini Mouse have in common?

  40. Ted from LA

    They’re both fuckin’ Goofy.

  41. rouge

    LOL at # 17.

  42. i judge you when you use poor grammar

    # 31…you took the words right out my mouth!!

  43. Alex

    31, You sound like a really angry and frustrated person. Thanks for the grammar tip, though. Personally, I don’t think it really matters considering you got what I was trying to say. But I guess if you need to make a big deal out of people’s mistakes on a website to make up for your inferiority complex or whatever it is, feel free.

    But to answer your question…The ones who like jeans to lift their butts and make them look sexy. Duh. I’ve seen pocketless Brazillian-style jeans work miracles on people. I guess that goes against American fashion: paying a lot of money for the most unflattering clothing I have ever laid eyes on.

    I think one of the few celebs that actually considers fit and body type when they buy clothing is Kim Kardashian. She should give her friend some tips.

  44. WILL


  45. ldsqtbea

    she is so pretty :-D i like her

  46. Mike

    Diddy prob slammed her

  47. lambman

    I like Aubrey she was the only one on Making the Band I didn’t want to murder, but what the hell is up with those scary ass contacts?

  48. L

    Are you aware you’ve already posted something about this?

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