Aubrey O’Day is the most talented member of Danity Kane

September 17th, 2008 // 100 Comments

Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane and MTV’s Making the Band is featured in the latest issue of Complex where she covered a wide array of topics including sex during your period and masturbating to Jenna Jameson. I guess Aubrey has the same publicist as Megan Fox. Who knew?:

On getting hit on in the clubs:
Aubrey O’Day: I think urban guys look at me and are like, “Here’s the white girl I’m gonna fuck.” Like, I met a famous basketball player the other night. Who? What team? Aubrey O’Day: I can’t, he’s too big. And, like, married.

On her image as the “bad girl”:
Aubrey O’Day: If I have to be ridiculed and called a whore and the party animal and the dumb girl for the rest of my career, I’m OK with that. Because I love who I am. You’re going to have to interpret me however you’re going to interpret me.

On talking about sex during your period with Jenna Jameson:
Aubrey O’Day: Jenna and I never even talk about porn. I think one time Jenna and I had a conversation about having sex on your period. Oh, running a red light? Aubrey O’Day: Yeah. There was some new guy I was dating, and it was the first time we were going to go there, and he was weird about it. So I ask Jenna for advice and she’s like, “Honey, it’s just a little war paint, who cares?”

On watching porn starring Jenna:
Aubrey O’Day: I watched her before she was my BFF, I don’t watch her anymore. I was actually masturbating one night to, like, Anal Sex Compilation #3 or whatever, and she was in it and I was like, “Oh no!” I had to turn it off. It was horrible.

Oh my, what scandalous stuff. But, seriously, where the hell are her nipples? In some of these shots it’s anatomically impossible for them not to be present unless she lived underneath power lines. I even “Peeled Off Aubrey’s Tape” and what I found was an affront to God and nature. It’s like going to a strip club and just when you’re about to see a nip, you die of cancer. Too far?

Thanks to Joe who claims to have a treasure map leading to Aubrey’s nipples. I’ll fire up the jet.

Photos: Complex

  1. lithiumlilly

    She’s just a walking, talking host for STDs :)

  2. Retarded

    These photos are so amateur, what the hell. Why make someone look like roadkill?

  3. Rebecca

    “If I have to be ridiculed and called a whore and the party animal and the dumb girl for the rest of my career, I’m OK with that. Because I love who I am.” Priceless. She should shut her pie hole and show more tits!

  4. Ty

    her face is fucking busted. bangin’ bod, but busted grill. seventy year old face on a twenty year old body. enough with the sicknasty sex talk, too. we already know you’re a whore.

  5. Vince Lombardi

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Bud Grant’s dick.

  6. To me she looks like she’s been through what me and my colleagues call “product development hell.” But each to his or her own, I suppose.

  7. yell

    “urban” = niggas. and yes, niggas love recycling used up white bitches.

  8. wikiww

    She’s really gross

  9. …………….IN SNIFFING COKE?

  10. unableunwilling



    She and Megan Fox need to fall off the face of the earth.

  11. Lucy

    How is it that when these kinda girls do their “sexy” look they just end up looking slow, like the special needs kids at school?

  12. ugh, yes, I remember now. Thanks for the refreshing picture of rubber balls!

  13. mutt

    She among alot of other thing’s is also a liar, Jenna Jameson I believe never did anal in any movie, well maybe once but it was a tiny bit nd hardly worth being put on a compliation of anal porn.

  14. She’s got that vapid “i’ve got absolutely no idea where i am – why did someone hide my coke-i know having half open ‘i’m going to pass out’ eyes is sexy” look on her face constantly. Ick and gag.

  15. Reid

    Wow, she used to be gorgeous. From what I can see she got het tits and lips done. Looks like she got some shit done to her eyes too. What a waste… Superficial guy, post some old photos of her for comparison!

  16. unknown

    Does anyone remember her from making the band a few years back?? She looks like a completely different person. She was really cute and petite and now she looks like an add for bad plastic surgery. I don’t get why girls do this to themselves.

  17. You people are so stupid




  18. awesome-o

    “urban”? really? is she a madison avenue ad agency?

  19. MZ.ME

    Diddy how ya gonna let this girl look like such trash?? Not hate’n but come on…the girl looks like trash! Beat…it’s ashame that she is happy with look’n like that. EWWWWWW!

  20. “See? I’m super different and more special than other girls. Don’t you wish you were me? I must be hot because I talk about hot things…nothing else but HOT THINGS. My life is so hot it’s infectious. I mean…look at my tits and lips. Look at how I stretch my body and mess with my hair…I’m all sexed up all the time. Everyone should desire my level of unique hotness even thou they will never get it. Thank god I’m this incredibly hot too…I can’t imagine how all those un-hot people can live with themselves everyday-what empty lives.”

  21. Murr

    What the hell happened to her?? she used to be wayyy hotter…. F*ckin dumb b*tch… Given the way she looked before, why on earth does she wanna look like jenna jameson?

    conclusion: what a waste….

  22. norton

    Another classy role model.

    Society has really tanked.

  23. Lola

    Another prime example of worthless people not deserving any of the success they have. Now I’m not saying this diseased street walker is in any way successful, but the dirty bitch is in a magazine.
    She’s ugly, can’t dress for shit, and attends the opening of an envelope. She’s already used up 12 minutes of fame… This magazine that no one reads is her 13th minute… So she got 2 minutes left and that’ll be the end of this piece of shit. Like anyone cares about her or even know who the hell she is

  24. sla


  25. jimjam

    wow, she looks disgusting, she’s as attractive as a trash bag!

  26. Missy

    Damn I guess having Jenna as a friend makes you look like a whore too! Aubrey used to be so much prettier…

  27. Chenush

    @71 you are funny!
    but I know all of you man out there would so fuck her.
    you bitches.

  28. Kayleigh C

    We call that a Who-ore kids. Herpes.

  29. blah blah

    I guess the in thing for sluts to say these days is that they’re attracted to Jenna Jameson

  30. monkeyfightclub

    Who or what is Danity Kane? Are they a group of prostitutes?

  31. Um, ok.

    Were these pics taken in a gas station bathroom? She looks like she’s been awake for 3 days straight. DIDDY WILL BE REAL HAPPY WITH THESE PICS, AUBREY!! Smart business move – WOW.

  32. OMG

    Is she really LICKING a stripper pole? Oh. My. God. That. Is. So. F-ing. Gross.

  33. D'mill

    Imagine……this is who your daughter could be looking up to. It’s really sad that anyone could be proud to be like that! What a skank!

  34. D'mill

    Imagine……this is who your daughter could be looking up to. It’s really sad that anyone could be proud to be like that! What a skank!

  35. Kate

    “war paint” wtf……then again, I suppose Jenna and Her’s vaginas are war zones and that’s a perfect analogy….

  36. Poop Snare

    Jeez, wtf happened to her?! She looks like she’s been on meth for 3 months and had 4 rounds of bad plastic surgery. Looks nothing like she used to be.

  37. cthula

    eeeeuw eeeuw eeeeuw!!! that’s just sad. and scary.

  38. Puddin' Taine

    She looks like she’s rolling balls in these pics. How many mollies did she take LoL

  39. May

    She looks wasted.

  40. d

    OMG she had an allergic reaction…her lips are swollen!!!!!!

  41. Eva

    That is some really shitty photoshopping reducing her stomach in picture #8 at the bottom.

  42. sheesh

    got damn !!! she looks ssssssso hot here .. wow!!! last i heard she was working with kira plastinina ( which is on some good girl shxt … guess not haha!! go head aubrey, get it!!!!

  43. rachel

    That dosen’t even look like the same girl from that stupid making the band show. Another Barbie; just what we needed.

  44. camille

    why is this person famous and adored (if at all) for any reason? she is fucking trash. she is so artificial, fuck this bitch.

  45. brandie

    is it me or did she totally get so much plastic surgery after danity kane?

  46. ann

    wow… she used to be ok

  47. van

    i think aubrey was always about her self that why her ass was kick out the group she just wants fame no matter what the cost, she was so pretty when she first got into danity kane now she looks like the monster mash by the face she need to get her shit together stop degrading herself . she trying to be something she not once you know who you are then you can be happy with you ,love yourself first whoring your way top it might be easy to get there but its a hard fall god bless

  48. PostmortemG


    “@71 you are funny!
    but I know all of you man out there would so fuck her.
    you bitches.”

    No, i would personally derive much more pleasure from pelting this hooker with rotten eggs in public. The world is full of beautiful women [ Especially outside the U.$.A. ]; why waste a perfectly good erection on this garbage?

  49. Jane

    It’s so sad that the music industry has come to this place, and it’s unthinkable that this is the girl who some of us saw in MTV Making The Band. That girl had class… this one looks like a crack whore. It’s one thing to be honest, it’s another to be an exhibitionist who can’t help herself.

    And the worst thing is – she is the most tasteless, classless thing in the media ever – and I would just kill to fuck her brains out. She plays it well.

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