Aubrey O’Day is 100% Lindsay Lohan’s fault

Oh, wow, didn’t see this coming: Aubrey O’Day is pretending to be a lesbian again. The former Danity Kane singer is somehow being invited to celebrity events and has recently been showing up with a woman she refers to as “my girlfriend.” Jesus. Whatever happened to gracefully fading away into obscurity? Now everybody has to pretend to be Lindsay Lohan. I blame the Internet; I knew that thing would be trouble. Page Six reports:

O’Day said she was making a statement against California’s Prop 8, which made gay marriage illegal. Not that she wants to marry her “girlfriend” if Prop 8 is ever overturned. “We don’t need a piece of paper to validate our relationship,” O’Day joked, adding that her dog, Ginger, was “also a lesbian.”

Really, Aubrey? So you’re pretending to be gay to protest Prop 8? Level with me, just how hard did Diddy kick you out the door? Because this makes about as much sense as me having sex with Jenny McCarthy to raise awareness for autism. Okay, bad analogy (Or the best? Jenny?), but I think you get my point – which is please stop talking. Now run along and continue slowly morphing into Shauna Sand.

Photos: WENN