Aubrey O’Day is a lesbian now? Okay, sure

August 5th, 2008 // 40 Comments

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day got her make-out on last night with publishing heiress Lydia Hearst outside of Club Butter in New York. I guess Aubrey realized she better hop on the lesbian bandwagon while the fire-crotch is hot. I should really send Lindsay Lohan a fruit basket for this latest trend, but until then, THANK YOU!

Photos: Splash News

  1. ysa

    looks like two blow up dolls

  2. Donkey Ass


  3. sixpack

    Love the little pooch in the last shot. That is mmmm, mmmm goodness!!

  4. Pness

    Doesn’t anyone like cock anymore? *sigh* Looks like we will have to take like we used to in the caveman days.

  5. Fernando Valenzuela

    I’ve seen better looking trannies down on Melrose.

  6. Who is this?

  7. Huh?

    I’ll bet if you threw a good looking guy in there these two would be all over him, not lesbian just bi.

  8. ysa

    Ok I asked that also and looked her up she’s some fashion model. Who is actually decent looking (not in these ones) and her mom is the infamous Patricia Hearst.

  9. rough daddy

    i dont know who these whores are, but people in hollywood or partially in the media have no originality, they all have to do the same thing, cause everyone is doing it,,,come to think of it the whole country is this way….

  10. havoc

    Most girls are three drinks away from being bi anyway……


  11. Relax people, they were just debating who had a longer tounge. Easy mistake.

  12. blah

    hmm seem like attention whores to me!

  13. havcock

    most guys are three drinks away from being bi anyway…


  14. Dick Bush

    If I see them in a 69, then I’ll be convinced.

  15. havoc

    On your third drink I see….



  16. Deacon Jones

    Wow, that blond looks hot, in the slutty way of course. Look’s like theyre doing the walk of shame in pic 7.

  17. Crappola

    Attention whores? What ever do you mean? Sure, they made out in the fever of the media’s photographers… but who would blame them? Maybe one of them has epilepsy and the other was performing mouth to mouth. Surely this must be the case!

  18. Kim Lardassian

    2 trashy looking little whore boring.

  19. Ed

    Post a picture of one of them leaving the car while absent-mindedly smelling her fingers, and I’ll believe the story.

  20. spaceyQQQ

    Both ugly peroxided bimbos. Next.

  21. Blah

    who, and who? Yeh, who gives a shit

  22. Wow… those two need to switch shoes for serious.

    Other than that… yawn!


  23. people are people and love is love.

    let’s get over that whole gender bit.

  24. people are people and love is love.

    let’s get over that whole gender bit.

  25. Janine

    They both must really love themselves, because they look almost exactly alike. I guess it would be good if you are a total narcissist.

  26. ahmed


  27. dude_on

    Who are we to judge if these two wish to trade lipstick, as they potentially writhe in a rhythmic embrace, while enduring the tumultuous throngs of lust-filled pleasure? They look inclusive.

  28. Arioch


    go to any bar in America and there will be the same scenario above. Any fisting and I’ll be a believer.

  29. joho777

    These shots reallly remind me of Lindsay Lohan:

    FIrst, check to see if the cameras are in place and ready,

    Second, be sure make-up is heavily caked on,

    Third, apply several sterile closed-mouth kisses to the sloppy mouth of whoever she is,

    and Fourth, smile brilliantly at the cameras, ask, “Am I famous yet?”

    And repeat, until you see your photo in the NY Post.

  30. g-man

    attention whores, fine with that, still pitched the ol’ tent

    i just hope a sex tape surfaces soon.

  31. And E.T. wanna phone home!!!

  32. Ted Mosby

    I’d hit them six ways to Sunday.

  33. Cattyluo

    It’s incredible .I saw their hot pictures on M i l l i o n a i r e 4 m e . c o m —-Wow,they attracts so many fans .If you are interested in them ,you can visit the site.

  34. glace neuf

    these 2 are the result of one train full of mary kates and ashleys colliding with another train full of pasty zombie blow up dolls. that being said, i’d hit it.

  35. Roadkill

    Who the hell are this fugs and why do they deserve a post on my beloved website? Will I get a post if I go prancing around with another bird? Do tell me, cos then I’d do it!

  36. Rich

    I’m waiting for their ‘stolen video’ to make its debut. I’d rather watch them make out then the bimbos ‘acting’ in some porno.

  37. mike

    My god, the people posting on here with their negative knee-jerk bitchy jibes are even more pathetic than the celebrities featured on this site. Seriously. You haters come off sounding like either closeted homosexuals, misogynists, or adolescent boys trying to out-funny each other (without much success). Do you people actually LIKE girls? Face it: Aubrey O’Day is totally freaking hot in these pics. The other chick isn’t that great, but is hotter by far than ANY chick you nit-pickers will EVER have a chance with. Yeah, sure, O’Day and friend are attention-seekers, and don’t seem very genuine (the kiss in photo #1 couldn’t be less erotic: the non-O’Day chick appears to be grimacing) but still, this is good stuff. So just shut up with your picky garbage: you sound like teenage girls.

  38. atoz

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  39. dani

    she is fat

  40. Sprmcandy

    Lucky girl, she got to kiss that beautiful gorgeous lady.

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