Aubrey O’Day Managed To Out-Whore The Kardashians, Well Played

Last night was the launch of Kim Kardashian’s something or rather, except whoops! Someone made the mistake of inviting Aubrey O’Day and her equal, if not far more desperate penchant for whore-tittery, so let’s focus entirely on that. Mainly because I want to see if Kim uninvites her from her wedding now like the 50 guests she was forced to by the fire marshal.

KIM: So, listen, I’m really sorry, but you can’t come to my wedding now.
AUBREY: Why not?
KIM: Your fake tits are a fire hazard.
AUBREY: But your whole family has them…
KIM: Yes, but we all made appointments six months in advance to get fire retardant ones. Did you make an appointment six months in advance to get fire retardant ones?
KIM: And that’s why you can’t come. Also, I told TMZ you have herpes.
AUBREY: Did they write about it?!
KIM: Guy said maybe tomorrow.
AUBREY: *jumps up and down* SQUEEEEE!!

Photo: Splash News, WENN