Ashton Kutcher Twitters photo of Demi Moore in a bikini

March 22nd, 2009 // 77 Comments

Because even a douchebag gets to be a hero at least once, Ashton Kutcher posted this pic of Demi Moore bent over in a bikini on his Twitter account with the following.. tweets? I don’t even know. Apparently, the term “blog” wasn’t retarded enough for some people:

watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!
9:43 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

I’m not wearing the bikini she is that’s what makes it so glorious
9:46 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

shhh don’t tell wifey
10:11 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

Yes. Don’t tell “wifey” while you’re posting her ass on the FUCKING INTERNET. Jesus, it’s not like she’s famous or anything. …. Then again, is she? What has she done lately that I’d know about? Besides being constantly ridiculed for her marriage to the dumb kid from That 70s Show: What’s his face?

Thanks to Heather who never Twitters on the first date.

EDIT: Added a video on the assclownery of Twitter co-written and voiced by long-time reader Jonah Ray. After the jump.

Photo: Twitter

  1. .

    Eh, its nice for a flat one I guess.

  2. Erica

    Ahahhaa that’s funny actually. But I’ve seen nursing home patients with better asses.

  3. david

    for sure she is not demmi,i can bet you she has a much biger laundry room that the one in the picture…either that or bruce doesnt give her any more alimony and she is living in a co-op housing…what is it?…

  4. david

    for sure she is not demmi,i can bet you she has a much biger laundry room that the one in the picture…either that or bruce doesnt give her any more alimony and she is living in a co-op housing…what is it?…

  5. richard

    Waiting for the picture of his spleen, after she digs it out with her mandibles.

  6. mikeock

    thanks for the pic of your wife’s butt, fag.

  7. foraz


  8. Darth

    I’m delighted to see she isn’t wearing the expected granny pants!

  9. Nero

    No flowers on her slip!?

  10. phoring

    What an idiot. She doesn’t have an ass. Something is up.

  11. langdon

    “Ashton Kutcher Twitter is Photo of Demi Moore….”

    learn 2 rite.

  12. Hilarious! Typical guy!

  13. sin

    That could be anyone. Look at the small rooms. Demi would not be cought in a little place like that. She requires opulance, not Motel 6.
    Why would she steam it? Send it out for housekeeping to do it. This is not Demi Moore.

  14. friendlyfires

    Demi Moore – you’ve been punked by Asshat Kushion-duh – no wonder

  15. fitzwilly

    It could have been worse. It could have been Rumor’s ass. ewwwwwww

  16. niceboob

    I seldom see her news, I am not familiar with her if without the breaking news on NY MAGAZINE, it is reported her dati ng profile is found on”.C e l e b m i n g l e . C 0 M” by her fan.

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  18. evil cat

    she’s probably used to pranks like that, being married to a high school kid.

  19. I now award Ashton 10,000 internets!

  20. Mav77

    they were at Bruce Willis’ wedding, so they were in a hotel room, which explains the room size…

  21. That could be anyone…I’m not buying it.

  22. jessiy

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  23. soahc

    I think it is Demi. But I have been known to not be able to recognize the asses of women I have boned before.

  24. I dont think its her ass – it’s not bony enough.

  25. Mike

    The sole reason for not buying a Nikon camera ever again.

  26. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Assclown Bitcher’s faggot cock

  27. Fati

    that is not demi moore. you might as well argue it’s me. only a moron can believe this scam.

  28. bobo

    i see her private photo on __classymingle.com__,she seems to pay so much time on dating online.

  29. ben t

    i see her private photo on __classymingle.com__,she seems to pay so much time on dating online.

  30. WHERE, the hell, IS THE RESTROOM, folks!!

  31. If you look really close… you can see bush.

  32. Possibly a skidmark too.

  33. Hey Kutcher,

    God called. He said to tell you not to include Him in your mega-lame publicity stunt.

    He also said something about you both being in deep shit for breaking the Ninth Commandment if that is a body-double.

  34. jzz

    Kutcher is a fucking douche.

  35. Heléna

    funny tweets – but posting a pic – totally tasteless!

  36. Sean Penn is Scum

    Who is nastier than Mel Gibson? Sean Penn, the promiscuous mysogynist who left a movie about Muslims because they refuse to cut a scene where a woman gets stoned to death by her brother in an “honor” killling.

    It’s no secret he is a sympathizer – what is wrong with a man that sympathizes with a religion that mutilates the genitals of their female children?

    I vote to strap Sean Penn to a barrel of pig’s blood and drop him from a plane in Trigrit (with a parachute)……….then he gets to have 40 virgins. Well, however many children they manage to round up on any given day.

  37. Charlie Caligula

    Sean Penn is Scum, movies are fake. Your fanatical conservative bloodlust (One that leaks over into your movie-going experiences) is very sadly real, though.

  38. Charlie Caligula

    …And I’d call Kutcher a classless pig, but I’m sure aging-insecurly Demi told him to do this.

  39. James

    The story is wrong, that’s Ashton’s butt with Demi as the photographer.

  40. lucci

    ashton is a troll, and demi got punk’d!

  41. Asshat Kutcher go away

    when people like Asshat Kutcher are famous, It’s a serious sign that Hollywood is completely out of ideas, stars, intelligence, integrity……as well as the liberal media. This kid is fuckin borderline retarded. They should make a snuff film with him, now that I’d go see….

  42. Deacon Jones

    This guy is such a moron.

    One day, he’ll wake up with Demi, and the reality will hit him like a fucking wall (like it did me with my ex) “Wow, she’s old”.

    Except I didn’t marry the bitch

  43. Harmony85

    That’s an ugly couch

  44. ricker

    I’m sorry but this is so dorky! What is he in the 7th grade?

  45. LawnGnome

    Picturing that doofus from that 70′s show saying this

  46. friendlyfires

    New Words:
    Tweetybirds – obsessive Twitter posters who report every mundane detail and thought in their lives.

    Sylvesters – people who don’t “get” Tweetybirds. Usually non-using pundits or tech fogeys or snobs.

    Cranes – users constantly checking for any Tweetybirds latest tweets, usually “craning” their heads over their mobile devices.

  47. Sean Penn is Scum

    My bad – I didn’t know Charlie Caligula was a Muslim name.

    Schlong Fenn is a real schmuck–everybody knows he treats women worse than his liver, everybody. And yes, more than a few folks are aware Schlong, who’s infinitely talented in his many different creative endeavors, likes to reserve the right to Charlie Sheen it up and pay for his booty. And as if this is going to surprise anybody, Schlong isn’t just paying the ladies to distract him from his many other (nonpaid) gal interests, he’s going for porn stars, too. That’s what happens, right? I mean, it’s like drugs, I guess–one minute you’re tokin’ on a little Black Gold, then–wham!—you’re shootin’ up with Fake à la Ferocity, right? Right: So much so… That a chick who was just filming a porn movie–high-budget stuff, no joke–right across the street from Schlong’s fancyass pad just happened to end up doing Schlong, too. Hmm…wonder what S.P. was doing over there anyway, borrowing a cup of lube? ‘Cause the nasty freak surely doesn’t use condoms, that we know. But get this: In the course of diddling the pretty hung dude (damn shame Schlong’s usually so wasted he really doesn’t know what to do with his gift of an organ), she discovered that Mr. Fenn is currently having a longstanding affair with another porn actress! Crazy, I just love this! While everybody is so frantic wondering why Schlong and his gal broke up (and then got back together and broke up and then, well, you know the boring story), no one’s put it together that that other babe’s a triple-X kinda gal! Oh, and that’s not even the best part. In some states (maybe all of them?), I don’t believe Madame X is old enough to be having sex, much less making a living photographing it. Sean Penn (Per AGC Main Page)



    from gawker:
    Sean Penn Wanted to Be Cut from a Film Because He Loves the Ayatollahs So
    By Richard, 1:00 PM on Sun Mar 22 2009, 6,617 views
    Sean Penn is in bed with the ayatollahs, as everyone, but especially the New York Post, knows. He loves evil Iranians so much that he had himself cut from a movie which depicted them negatively.
    Well, specifically the movie was Crossing Over, that Wayne Kramer-directed muddle of a Traffic wannabe about immigration, for which the greasy Comrade Penn shot a few scenes as an ‘enforcement agent.’ The Post claims that Penn had his bits cut from the film because he objected to a scene that depicted an honor killing–an Iranian woman is killed by her brother because of some social faux pas. The claim, I guess, is that he didn’t want Iranians shown in an unpleasant light?
    What this has to do with the ayatollahs isn’t entirely unclear, other than that Penn went to Iran in 2005 and did some ‘reporting’ for the San Francisco Chronicle, a known butt-pirate paper that Sean now hates. So, because Penn had the appalling audacity to try to use his position of prominence to explore a complicated issue, he’s obviously an ayatollah-pirate Iranian spy.
    For his part, Penn’s people say that it was an artistic decision to cut him from the terrible movie, because his parts had a “mystical” quality that didn’t really jibe with the rest of the picture’s docu-feel. OK. So it was magic that kept him away. Muslim magic???

  48. World Swimwear has the cutest swimsuits, even for small booties like hers.

  49. Barry O

    Ashton Kutcher + Twitter = Twatter

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