Ashton Kutcher ripped off Anna Nicole Smith

March 11th, 2008 // 49 Comments

Ashton Kutcher’s new show Pop Fiction is strikingly similar to an idea Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern pitched to E! programming execs back in 2004. So similar, in fact, that Anna Nicole is planning to sue from beyond the grave. TMZ reports:

Ashton’s show sounds like a carbon of Anna’s treatment — “…what happens if Anna Nicole Smith and other celebrities turn the tables and capitalize off of the overzealous media? What if the next big supposed scandal is not a scandal at all? What if everything is staged, but the media (and the public) don’t know it?” It continues, Anna Nicole and other celebrity guests take aim at the media and push all the limits.”

It’s news, and not to mention pictures, like this that make me wish Ashton Kutcher OD’d instead of Anna Nicole. One of them brought joy and happiness to the world with incredible product placement while the other is a complete douche-nozzle. For the record, these are photos of Anna Nicole on MTV Australia from 2005. They’re pretty random, to say the least, but I posted them anyway because I’m the Blogging Jesus. In the meantime, I’m not even going to comment on her mouth except to say the Joker really wants it back.

NOTE: That last bit had absolutely nothing to do with Heath Ledger. Despite my best efforts.

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  1. stephanie

    wtf.. first?

  2. Ted from LA

    Is that Ashton or Anna Nicole in the pictures? More importantly, why do I give a fuck?

  3. tight lipped smiler

    Anna Nicole so wanted to bite off those boob shields. Class act thru & thru.

  4. veggi

    Ashton has stolen most of the ‘ideas’ he has (not) come up with. No surprise..

    More importantly, did Star screw that 19 year old unemployed mamas boy??

  5. kirsten dunst

    ok so whats the idea he ripped off? looks like the writer of this one forgot have the storyline. wait, thats always the long as there are pictures of boobs though, right?

  6. Harry Ballzack

    Like I said – He’s still looking for an identity among Hollwoods celebs other than Dewme More’s husband

  7. Mike Damman

    as much as i wanna bash ashton, ideas like that are a dime a dozen, and i’m sure there’s 20 other producers in town saying “crap! i had that idea first.” it’s all about timing and the ability to get it on air. show ideas get ripped off all the time, but its far more common to simply have a similar idea to everyone else. originality is a myth in hollywood.

  8. Captain-Insano

    God, she’s hideous! Oh well, I’m sure her body looks better now though.

  9. He ripped off that pop fiction idea of his. They say that shaman Paris Hilton sported around was from his show. Ashton Kutcher is a douchebag so why is anyone surprised?

  10. star

    well, to answer your question, no. I did not screw him. I am still thinking about it though.

  11. Brad


  12. mike

    @2 Ted you have it backwards. You don’t give a fuck, you get fucked. Mostly by Ashton

  13. Jaysen

    that Pop Fiction show sucked so bad – sorry ashton- it won’t last another 2 weeks, tops.

  14. ?

    I thought her boobs were bigger?

  15. Lonely Old Woman

    Oh, and by the way – Yes. It is 12:19, I am here in my apt. alone and I am on this site.

    I’m old, I’m high, I’m single and desperate and I’ll never have kids because no one wants to fuck me. There, you happy? For fuckssake man, it’s whatever you want to call it.

    Now that we’re past that…
    Does this chick actually have the last name Loose? Who the fuck is she? Ah well, no reason necessary for showing tits, I suppose.

  16. me

    ah, but see mike, at least ashton is still of the human race you goat fucking douchebag.

    mike, you lose. everytime. quit trying. we don’t like you around here, if you haven’t noticed.

  17. mike

    @15 Yeah Yeah, we saw the same post earlier and I offered to come over and rock your world. Stop whinning and get laid.

  18. D. Richards (Whore.)

    #15? That bad, huh? You could always pay to get fucked — but, you may have to adopt.

    Find yourself a nice bull-dyke. They’re not interested in looks.

  19. mike

    @16 I told you before asshole. When I say goat, I am reffering to your mother. Your mother has the big ears and loves for me to pull them while I am pounder her from behind. She also loves to put anything in her mouth if you know what I mean.

  20. deacon jones

    oh mike and his mom jokes. Brilliant! hahahaha. you’re such a dumbfuck!

  21. mike

    @20 And you are such a witty cock sucker. Why don’t you and the pussy that can only call himself “me” go back to your circle jerk and see who wins.

  22. Stage Hand

    So what, Paris Hilton does this staged media thing on a daily basis.

  23. RENEE

    Oh come on; she’s been dead for quite a well, just let her rest in peace already for cripes sake. All that being said, her implants sure were a mess in her final days;poor boobies.

  24. dude

    How’d she lose all that weight?
    Oh yeah, I remember now. Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

  25. deadbitch

    such disgusting fake tits, such disgusting face, such disgusting hair, thank fuck shes dead she can only look better now.

  26. J

    I’d still fuck her man. She aint that bad. Id hit it fa sho.

  27. LL

    I wish my mom had been a big skank back in the day so that years later, I could still see pictures of her big fake melons with the MTV logo over them. I guess the shots of Anna’s girl fur shaved into the shape of the MTV logo are being saved for her kid’s sweet 16 party, or something like that.

    That Anna Nicole was a gentle soul for sure, taken from us too soon.

  28. LL

    Oh, and good one, TMZ, trying to make us believe that Anna Nicole ever had a thought. She had, at most, pictures in her head, likely just stick figures. How she ever learned to speak is a mystery for the ages.

  29. Cap'n Pickles

    Ashton Kutcher stealing an idea. Doesn’t suprise me one bit. This dude makes turkey after turkey and still gets work. I do my job, and am in constant fear of a layoff. Too bad there isn’t a God to help me and strike kutcher dead.

  30. Ashton got famous playing a complete moron…hint: he wasn’t acting.

    His movies proved he wasn’t capable of that, so now he does stupid shows. Next stop, Hollywood Squares.

  31. Mr. Bright Idea

    celebs “turning the tables” on the paps while showing it on a gossip channel is utterly ridiculous. it just goes to show that the media will pay for this shit no matter what. they don’t have an ego to bruise or pride to damage. they only have the lust of the almighty dollar. celebs “faking out” the paps= more paps still taking photos.

    the only way this crap will stop is when people stop caring about gossip and as long as there is a vagina left on the planet, gossip will always rule.

  32. vealcutlet

    What?!? No one has seen her on ?

  33. yum

    mmmm…. angular breasts and stretch marks. i miss anna.

  34. tara reid

    great stomach . . .

  35. needle-dicked nate

    why is her right boob a shelf and her left boob indented?

  36. Nikky Raney


  37. If you can’t steal from the dead, who can you steal from?

  38. cbone

    Not the first time Ashton’s bitch-ass stole a show from someone. At least this one didn’t actually air before he swiped it.

    “In addition to the obvious influences of past hidden camera prank shows such as Candid Camera and TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes, Scherzi a parte, Method Man, Redman and Matt Besser of the Upright Citizens Brigade had a hidden camera celebrity prank show on MTV called Stung in 2002, a full year before the introduction of Punk’d. Apart from all this, MTV India has its own version of candid camera show called MTV Bakra which has been running sucessfully since 1999 and they havent spared anyone – from celebs to common man. The show is hosted by MTV VJ Cyrus Broacha who himself appears in pranks. Some of the most notorious gags include a birthday girl being kidnapped,mistaken identities, Cyrus Broacha in various disguises like a barber, waiter, taxi driver etc. The show has also featured bollywood superstars like Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee, Anil Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Vivek Oberoi etc. MTV Bakra is the most loved and hated show in Indian television industry, media and the general public. Whether this was a direct influence on Punk’d is unclear. In an issue of the hip hop magazine S.M.A.C.K. DVD Vol. 9, an interviewer asks Redman about the similarities between Stung and Punk’d, and the rapper replies, “Fuck you, Ashton Kutcher!”, to the delight of the audience, who begin to chant the phrase.”

  39. Janine

    Anna Nicole was one of the very first people to have a reality show about her life. All of the other people mostly ripped off her idea, so it would not surprise me at all if Kutcher ripped this idea off of her. She may have played the dumb blonde role, but I think in many ways she was smarter than people really thought. It is just sad to me that drugs consumed her life and her son’s life.
    I hate stupid, ignorant, callous assholes who have nothing better to do than criticize the dead! Be happy that you are still alive and appreciate life! Assholes!!!! P.S. Go back to cutting yourself, you dumb ass emos! Oh wait, you care too much about yourself to ever do that, instead you make fun of dead people. Losers!

  40. Rock

    Mmmm, not her fan. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “”
    last week. “She is already in relationship with a young billionaire on our site”, according to the officials of that site.

  41. Anonymous

    Hey Rock,

    You do realize that ANS is DEAD, don’t you? Moron.

  42. Igottabemeeee

    OMG that is some funny shit there. The spammer says that Anna Nicole is looking for a boyfriend at their stupid dating site. I wonder what her profile says? SWDF, thin and slender, some hair and fingernails left, silicone fun bags still hangin’ in there though. Always the “life” of the party. No fatties or men from heaven (‘cuz they won’t let me in).

  43. Kendra

    Before he became a model and started acting Ashton was a biochemical engineering major at the university of Iowa. I think he is probally a lot smarter than more than half of you people who are dogging him. grow the fuck up.

  44. Kendra

    and other peoples ideas are always being ripped off. The original dating show with one person picking another was the bachelor/bachelorette and now there is Flavor of love, Rock of love, tila tequila, and amore. Law and order was one of the original law shows and then came la law, boston legal, and all those other ones. and there have been many others. So why is it that no one ever complains about those original creators whose ideas got “ripped” off? because You people who are whining are just upset that he makes millions of dollars for doing nothing when you have to work your ass off to make a sixteenth of what he does.

  45. Leah

    Poor Daniel Johns from Silverchair… she like attacked him at that awards show. Poor Bastard…

  46. blah

    doesn’t she look like an ugly drag queen with fake boobs?

    I’ve seen much better lookin drag queens (who are men btw) than that.

  47. Wow, you all are going hard on Ashton. Don’t front like you don’t watch reruns of the 70s Show, Punk’d and Beauty and The Geek. Everything Ashton touches is hot and I gurantee, for those of you clowin’ him, will be right in front of you TV on Sunday to watch a new episode.

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