Ashton Kutcher loves Viagra

April 14th, 2005 // 2 Comments

ad4.jpgFrom Glamour magazine :

Ashton Kutcher has denied rumours he’s hooked on Viagra, but admits he has tried the drug. “I tried it, but I’m not addicted,” he told GLAMOUR magazine. “I don’t have a hard-on now! I haven’t taken it in years. I took it a few times recreationally. It’s illegal [without prescription], but I’ve taken it.”

This really does lend itself to the theory that the problem with most guys who need Viagra isn


  1. katie

    why are you so mean .. she was just trying to prove a point!

  2. I tried, but I'm not addicted, Ashton told the magazine. "I did not know very hard now, I have not taken over the years. I took a couple of times for recreational purposes. It is [illegal] counter, but I took

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