Ashton Kutcher is a Kabbalah nut

February 2nd, 2006 // 29 Comments

*ashton_kutcher_thumb1.jpgAshton Kutcher was left fuming after movie bosses ordered him to take off his Kabbalah bracelet while shooting new film The Guardian. Kutcher was forced to remove the religious trinket, a red string band, against his wishes. At first, Ashton admits he was livid about the decision but did remove the bracelet after being told it would have to be digitally removed after filming finished. He is quoted by Star magazine as saying: “I wasn’t happy at first but to remove it digitally is beyond silly.”

Yes, removing it digitally is silly. But not wearing it in the first place. That’s totally normal. But hey, that ok, lots of people dress in clothes that supposedly have magical powers. These people are called children. They’re dressed as Spiderman. They also crap their pants, and cry when you tell them their parents were eaten by the toilet.



  1. Geno

    My parents were eaten by the tolet & I have never gotten over it. I now use the woods as my bathroom. Mommy? Is that you?????

  2. trucksac

    The Kaballah bracelet makes sense, like tying a string around your finger to remind you that you’re…crazy!

  3. rachel

    Anyone who’d pay $50 for a red piece of string is ok in my book.

  4. Binky

    This was on “Punked”
    The director, producers and their hangers on all wore either a burrka, a turban, or a “Tom is actually a Real Scientist” Tee shirt. Then they made him take off the Kabballah bracelet and sit in the corner until his agent came. It was one of the better ones.

  5. LaydeeBug

    $50.00? What? Get the FU*K out of here…..what a douche.

  6. trophywife

    i betcha he only wears it because his mommy tells him to. and by mommy i mean demi…

  7. sqongo

    I’ve got a red piece of string tied around my schlong,so nobody can call me a freak!!

  8. PapaHotNuts

    I wish he’d tie a red Kabbalah noose around his neck and jump off the pedastal he has put himslf on.

  9. ESQ

    Oh Superficial, once again you succeeded in making me almost piss my pants by saying, “These people are called children. They’re dressed as Spiderman. They also crap their pants, and cry when you tell them their parents were eaten by the toilet.

  10. It’s amazing to me, all of hollywood seems to be talking about freedom, breaking away from the rules of society blah blah blah. But they all seem to be searching for something that will tell them how to run their lives. Madonna leaves Catholicism, tries out bhudismn etc.. and now is a member of a cult that surprise surprise….tells you how to live your lives. I won’t even go into Tom Cruise, more than to say…he was studying to be a priest and now is neck deep in Scientology. It would be funny if it weren’t all so predictable and sad.

  11. HollyJ

    First Corinthians, and now a Kabbalah bracelet? What’s next? Keifer joins the Moonies ??

  12. The Devil

    Oh man, don’t tell me he’s turning into another Hollywood FREAK. I guess we can thank Demi for this.

  13. Captain Awesome

    Why would you even blame Demi for this? He was a dumbass before she met him. Now she’s just married to a dumbass.

  14. LaydeeBug

    By the way, Madonna was not into Buddhism, she thought she was into Hinduism. There is a reason why people don’t get into Buddhism, it’s because it does not involve buying into a bunch of crap, purchasing crap and talking about crap. I don’t want to say this but I will; there is a quote somewhere that goes something like “the dharma that is spoken is not the true dharma.” So, the more you try to preach and convince the world that you are into something, the less you really are into it. If there is an afterlife or rebirth, they are all going to be reborn as mosquitoes, biting our asses, parasites sucking at everyting they can ingest in order to further bloat their already inflated fat-assed egos. Thank you. Oh, and he’s still a douchebag!

  15. Mugato

    It’s called acting, Kutcher. I know it’s a strange concept but in this case you’re playing a character who isn’t a douchebag follower of a trendy Hollywood religion.

  16. Sebastian De La Ghetto

    Hey ive got some red yarn at home! Im rich!

  17. scorp69

    Next time they should let him wear it, have it digiatlly removed and then take the $$ they have to spend on that (which would be ALOT!) out of the ridiculously exorbitant salary this idiot probably gets.

  18. PKClover

    I hate Ashton Kutcher. His talent lies in his producing television shows rather than his acting anyway. The way girls swoon over him I swear, it’s like he’s packin chocolate.

  19. HollyJ

    Is that a photo of Kathy Ireland with a new haircut?

  20. LadeeBug, That post was a little bit of nirvanna. (Grin)

  21. HughJorganthethird

    Ashton is so spiritual. He’s like Ghandi, only hotter.I would be more immpressed had he reufused to remove his Kabalah self-tightening cock ring, but apparently he got to leave that on. Freak.

  22. vida

    O Superficial! Don’t tell Ashton his parents were eaten by the toilet. You’ll make him cry!

  23. AmberDextrose

    Poor baby Ashton. I guess Mommy would get angry if he took it off. I expect she chooses his clothes for him in the morning too. And spits on a hanky to wipe the boogas off his face before they go out.

  24. ihatecelebs

    Um, just to check, he is OVER, isn’t he?

  25. LaydeeBug

    Grazie, grazie Spin. Ya know, I really liked him when he was Kelso. BURN!!!!!

  26. fame is funny

    I think they were afraid the bracelet would out-act him…just a guess…

  27. fame is funny

    he’s like a minature buddah…covered with hair…

  28. pookiedoo

    When did Ashton Krotcher make a half-decent movie? I must have missed that one…

  29. i love that guy. he’s so funny.

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