Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet

April 24th, 2008 // 40 Comments

Ashton Kutcher is apparently part duck. He stopped by the British talk show Friday Night with Jonathon Ross today (Looks like the Brits perfected time-travel – and before me. Damn!) and showed off his webbed feet, according to the Daily Mail:

He told the host: “I have slightly webbed toes. When everything else is this good-looking, something has to give!”
The star, who managed to fend off Ross’ attempt to snip his toes with pair of scissors, is in London promoting his new film What Happens in Vegas.

I disagree with Ashton’s statement that pure beauty comes with at least one abnormality. I’m freaking gorgeous and have no unnatural body parts. Well, besides gills. I won’t get into the details but, long story short, my father screwed a striped bass. He’s, uh, not allowed back to Red Lobster. But he did say I’ll get a new brother the next time we’re at Sea World. You’re number one, pop.

Thanks to RF who’s cooler than a snarfblatt.

Photo: Daily Mail

  1. Wendy

    He was a prince before he kissed Demi.

  2. Gia

    He’s hot! Lucky Demi.

  3. Guy

    “When everything else is this good-looking,”

    Lol wut?

  4. I knew this girl who had a webbed vagina until she was 13. Ok, it was my daughter. And the webbing is gone now.

  5. ashley

    My toes are the same way. Kids used to called me alien toes, everybody wants to split them, and EVERYONE always asks… “Can you swim faster?” and for the record. NO!!!!!! I’m not even really a good swimmer at all but I’m unique, my last boyfriend was weirdly interested them but they’re cute I wouldn’t get rid of my twin toes!

  6. Mike Rackhabbit

    i like webbed toes. in comparison nothing beats a nice tail stub.

  7. OC Dee

    I love tall attractive fit men and he is 6’2″.

    Ashton is so hot!




  9. Does veggi work for the fish now??

    Anywho………………………………………………….ineedadrinkorapillorashotgun……………………………………………………….oh. Sorry. I’m losing it..

  10. 69

    Since some guys on this site like to post sexual comments about the famous females; I cut and pasted some of the sexual comments and modified it for a male. You guys can read how ridiculous you sound:

    Yummy. I wouldn’t pass him up for an unknown hooker.

    I’d hit it. Repeatedly.

    I would hit that so hard my belly button would hurt….he is just hot and classy.
    I’d hit it til it bled.. then I’d hit it harder.

    P.S. He has a hot body and a handsome face!

  11. rocks

    Yup, and I get paid in shots!! Want one? Or 7? I could join ya FRIST in your rampage of dispair and fucktheworldness, but I’d start throwing things. Wait, that’s not a bad idea!!!

  12. antoine


    Hey, 69 don’t forget that you would love to knock the dust off that pussy.
    That’s always been my favoite quote.

  13. BA_Baracus

    Not that y’all would believe me, but I also have slightly webbed feet, b/w the 3 inner toes on both feet. So that makes me as hot as Ashton, right? Right? Yes.

  14. Sandy

    The webbed toes help him to dig into the sheets and keep his head from ramming into the wall as his “wife” uses her favorite camo G.I. Jane strapon.

    He was shaggy and goofy and generally cartoonish and amiable and kinda funny on That ’70s Show, but I had him pegged as a halfway lobotomized surfer party dude nailing young bikini chicks, not a hardcore submissive willing to live openly with a mommy-wife. You just know he’s had more than one dream where he looks back and it’s not Demi, it’s Bruce. And then he comes. Although in fairness, that sort of dream is pretty typical for guys, they just don’t talk about it.

  15. Throwing things sounds like a great idea. My first instinct was to punch something, but I’d break my hand, which wouldn’t be too bad if they gave me painkillers, but, ok veg..shots’ll work too. But today I’ll need ten.

  16. norton

    This guy is a pain in the ass…. every way you look at it.

  17. 69



    It would have to be “I would love to knock the dust off that cock!

  18. In Awe

    I thought he looked an awfull lot like a duck-billed platypus.

  19. Auntie Kryst

    Web toes, big fucking deal douchebag.. He still can’t control the creatures of the sea with telepathy. I knew Aquaman. I worked with Aquaman. Mr. Kutcher, you sir are no Aquaman.

  20. RENEE

    Yes, he is handsome as hell and cute, and I used to think he was funny too; but now I just find him annoying. And apparently he thinks he’s hot too, so thats no fun. Anyways, ever since he hooked up with Demi he kind of lost his lust appeal, if you ask me. Its not so much the age thing, its the fact that he is smoking hot and could have anyone and instead hooks up with a mother of 3 (one daughter not being that much younger than Ashton) hasbeen that is 98% plastic at this point. Don’t get me wrong, in her prime Demi was hot. But she’s so fake at this point, he might as well be doing a blowup doll. Oh yeah, and I finally realized he’s kind of a douchebag too. But yeh, all that being said, I still couldn’t turn him down if he was in my path.

  21. karmapolice

    He drags this lame anomaly out everytime he has a new movie to promote. How many times do I need to see this asshole’s feet? Je-sus.

  22. Spazz

    Phew, glad he is not full of himself.

  23. I wish his face was snipped. That Jonathan Ross is way too slow.

  24. imnotreal

    #22 RENEE
    How old are you? 14????

  25. antoine


    Oh yeah, that’s right. I’m still trying to get used to the whole idea of taking dirty about a man. Let me try this again.

    “I’d let him fuck me so hard that he could puncture my uterus”

  26. Rat

    Inbred piece of crap!

  27. dude_on_a_wire

    @27 – you are so onto something (no pun intended).

  28. Over 40 Hottie


    It just goes to show you that he followed his heart and did not worry about what other people think. Now that’s hot! And yes he has a hot body and handsome face too.

  29. Sexy Sadie


    Good Job!

    Let me try!

    I would love Ashton to lick my pussy until it shines while giving me the BIG O over and over again. I would love to suck his hard cock until he can’t take anymore and man handles me and gives it to me doggie style and then he turns me over and gives it to me good and cums all over my 34C breasts and then he rubs his semen all over my breasts until I have a high gloss shine!

  30. Peg

    I’m wearing a short skirt with no panties and I’m leaving snail trails thinking about banging Ashton!

  31. Trying to talk dirty like the dudes

    I would love to have a romantic night with Ashton, oh wait a minute guys don’t think like that, um, I would crush that!

  32. PrehistoricGlamazonHuntress

    How much you wanna bet Ashton has athlete’s foot?? Ew.

  33. Jessy

    his webbed feet is the common “secret ” on M I L L I O N A I R E LOVER.C O M where the millionaire & celebrity gather! Many secret in the entertainment circle are open there. You have have a check.

  34. antoine

    @ 31

    Alright, I think we have a winner. I don’t think anyone can top that one because there is nothing better then a high gloss shine on a pair of nice 34C breasts.

  35. Lily

    What a ^%$&$%$ man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The magazine SEEKING GOSSIP reported him joined the rich man seeking
    sugar babies site”S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” and he is mentioned to find his sugar girl there! the magazine foolx he????????????or fools us????

  36. stevie

    where the fuck can i get that jacket anyone?

  37. edgar suit

    I heard he has webbed foreskin… least thats what Demi told me

  38. nice thx for mentioning this, wouldn’t have heard about it otherwise

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