Ashton Kutcher defies God’s will, escapes death

August 7th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Ashton Kutcher, who’s apparently in Boyz II Men now, and Demi Moore’s plane had to make an emergency landing yesterday in Vegas after their engine overheated, according to People:

The two were flying to New York following the Las Vegas premiere of Kutcher’s latest movie, Spread, at the Palms Casino Resort. Neither actor was injured.
Moments after the sudden landing, Kutcher reported the incident on Twitter, writing, “My plane just had to do an emergency landing. Engine over heated. Fire engines everywhere good times.” He later posted an update saying he was “happy to be alive” and adding that he wanted to celebrate at the Turtle Bay Bar.

Dammit. So close. Granted, Demi Moore would’ve been lost in the wreckage, I like to believe that after $85 billion of cosmetic surgery she’d at least be flame retardant by now. Then again, in all likelihood, she’s probably the exact opposite and would light up like a Christmas tree around the tiniest of flames. “How ’bout some candles, baby? OH MY GOD YOU’RE MELTING!”

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  1. It’s not Boyz II Men silly, he’s in Color Me Badd…

    With 2 D’s (their spelling, not mine).

    The only Double D’s inappropriate for this site.

  2. Or maybe he’s just trying to get into Samberg’s next SNL Digital Short – “Douche in a Plane”.

  3. Ida

    He’s so cute!

  4. M

    that pic & boyz II men – hahaha better than the actual story.

  5. Demi looks like shit on profile but good straight on. I never realized she had such a big hook nose.

  6. She shot her load & now make room for new talent & not her spawns.

  7. That 70s show that used to be hot. Punk’d and then came out and I felt like he was an asshole. And then he married Demi Moore and convert to Kabbalah, and I realized that he was a total asshole. Now I just do not care.

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