Ashton Kutcher Seriously Using Divorce To Market Chime.In

Yesterday, when Demi Moore announced she’s divorcing Ashton Kutcher, I joked that him posting his reaction to Chime.In was an opportunistic cash grab seeing as he’s an investor and a social media whorehose. Turns out that was entirely the case because here’s a mass email I received shortly after the divorce announcement from Dana Berkowitz at PMK•BNC Brand Marketing and Communications:

We know many people are reporting on how Ashton sent his best wishes to Demi, and we wanted to point out that he actually used Chime.In. He linked his Chime.In account, a way that he is now communicating through social media, to his twitter feed for that message.
To follow Ashton on Chime.In:

If you’re wondering why they felt the need to send that email, it’s because almost every single outlet reported Ashton “tweeted” his response to the divorce, so how I got it right is a goddamn mystery if you’ve read just one post on the site. On that note, I don’t have anything else interesting to add to this story except for shamelessly pointing out how awesome and right I was, so here’s Lauren Stoner in a bikini but without Michael Bay sitting in the background wondering what her butt would look like with C4 strapped to it. (Hot. It’d look hot.)

Photo: INFdaily