Ashton Kutcher Might Ghostbust

February 23rd, 2011 // 56 Comments

Presumably to scare the shit out of Bill Murray for going on Stern yesterday and saying the Ghostbusters 3 script collecting dust on his desk is “not the foremost thing” on his mind, there’s now talk of casting Ashton Kutcher. Nice work. Via Popeater:

While the world awaits Murray’s answer (knowing him, he’s probably reading a page every other day just because he can), Reitman and Kutcher talked up the possibility that Kutcher could be one of those rumored “new recruits.” Answering questions about the sequel during a junket, Reitman said it’s “absolutely possible” that Kutcher could join the cast, Digital Spy reports.

The story goes on to say Murray’s involvement is crucial or else Sony will “absolutely not” make the film, so I don’t get how threatening to cast Ashton Kutcher is gonna help. He can barely bring himself to read the script as is and now he has to picture it with The Bride of Demi in it? Jesus. At this point, everyone might as well be honest and say they don’t want to make this thing. Just come come clean with it. “Alright, everybody, you got us. We’re not even close to being serious. I mean, did you see that part where we said we were going to cast Ashton Kutcher? Fucking hilarious, right? Who even does that?”

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  1. Caustic

    navajo-rific idea.

    • CC

      Ghostbusters? It wasn’t that good the first time around. Why waste the time and money?

      • jojo

        Cause it made a boatload of moolah….And Hollywood has no new ideas.

      • missywissy

        you’re crazy!!! We have to buy all the toys off ebay because they don’t make them anymore and my 4 year old is OBSESSED with Ghostbusters.
        The second movie wasn’t that good, and I think that’s why Bill Murray is unsure of making a third. I can’t stand Ashton Kutcher, but would see ghostbusters 3 no matter who they cast. The most important thing to consider would be the chemistry of the actors. I don’t care who you cast, if the chemistry isn’t there as it was with Ramis, Akroyd, Murray, Hudson, Weaver and Moranis then it’s going to just be another money-maker and not so memorable. They are also going to need another song or an awesome remake. There’s a video on Youtube with perfect suggestions for a third, that guy is right spot on. (yes, I’m a dork).

    • eatme

      huh? ghostbusters wasn’t good? you must be young. ghostbusters is hella awesome.
      …ashton kutcher, however, is not in any remote sense of the word, “cool”. he was fine on 70′s Show I guess, but his movies are just shit and he is a twitter sponsored fucktard. If you are going to be paid to endorse, at least have the balls to admit that you are being paid dipshit.

  2. gogo


  3. Richard McBeef

    nice zip up sweatery thing, massengil.

  4. yay and huey lewis can sue the soundtrack, cos of course lewis didnt steal that drug riff from M

    • eatme

      Hey man, I loooooove that M song (I’m all over the synth-pop genre) and New Drug has a lot of similarities with it, but Ghostbusters was a flat out intentional rip-off released very soon after sports was released. Ludicrous. Besides, those songs ALL kind of suck as far as the actual writing goes, but pop muzik’s production is simply inspired.

  5. I hope the only thing he’s being “recruited” for is to cross the fucking streams on him.

  6. true dat

    why not? the 3rd one cant be as bad as the 2nd.

  7. JC

    Hey, why not just forget Bill Murray altogether? Get Kutcher, Seth Rogen, Jesse Eisenberg, and the entire cast of Twilight to star in it, then have Diablo Cody write a new script. That should be enough to ignite a supernova of suck.

  8. Ashton Kutcher
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    He could then trap the many ghosts that live in his wife’s vagina.

  9. Ashton is already experienced in wrestling undead mummies, and he’ll probably consider the movie a vacation since he won’t be obligated to have sex with them.

  10. ghost

    Reboots. Prequels. Sequels. Fuck you, Hollywood. Come up with some new ideas. New ideas that don’t involve Demi Moore’s lap dog.

  11. BlubboTehClown

    Hi Bill? George Lucas just called and wanted to tell you a story about what happens when you hold up a sequel for too long. Something about “saucer men from mars,” I dunno I think he’s been drinking.

    Srsly just go play the Ghostbusters video game. That had Murray in it and was every bit the sequel this movie will be (and no one looks 30 years past their prime).

  12. Ashton Kutcher
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Still quite pretty.
    Needs to be shaved & disinfected; I’m sure he’s seething with LA famewhore cooties.

  13. Deacon Jones



  14. jojo

    Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Na, that one guy is a real douchebag.

  15. Dave ain't here, man

    Demi Moore has been slimed.

  16. Hopefully we’re just being punk’d.

  17. Will he be playing the part of “the river of slime” that flows under New York?

  18. Oz Matters

    You would think that given Demi is having sex with him, she would also dress him and comb his hair before he goes outside.

  19. witty comment…witty comment…witty comment…

    p.s. Ashton, you look like a total douchebag

  20. nonminti

    Ashton looks so sulking and tired here and all the time… he needs doing more movies,he looks happy then and I am not sure he’s acting,he is not that good actor.

  21. The instrument has yet to be invented that can measure how much Ashton Cootcher as a Ghostbuster would suck.

    Then again, Bill Murray is a legendary asshole.


  22. Ed

    I’d rather they not make it after all . . .

  23. NTT

    The old stump in my neighbor’s yard serves more of purpose than Ashton’s Kutcher does.

    • Crabby Old Guy

      And Demi would probably get off better if she humped it. Assuming that she has any normal human parts left.

  24. Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    he looks like a creepy perv here.

  25. fx

    can’t stand that toolbox. hopefully one day demis steel vag will crush his balls and make him bleed to death

  26. The butterfly effect directors cut had a happy ending. That sums up my feelings for ashton.

  27. Nero

    I want both of them to stop figthing ang arguing. It’s what it is and that’s it. I’m not going to start that all over again.

    • Nero

      They’re like little kids fighting over a piece of candy. Accept the way it is. It’s impossible to change that.

  28. “He was wearing a red argyle sweater and tan trousers.”

    “No, he’s not retarded.”

  29. aretha


  30. If Bill Murray agrees to do a Ghostbusters sequel with motherfucking Ashton Kutchner, he is DEAD TO ME.


  31. Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    Perhaps if I make a lame ass “3rd leg” joke, it will distract you all from my douchetardtastic sweater.

  32. babooda

    Ashton Kutcher is being considered for a role in GB3 ? No offense to all the AK fans out there but I’ve seen his other movies and the only role he qualifies for is that of the “ghostly librarian”! Even that is a stretch because I don”t think he can alter his facial expression enough to make that scary face she does so well!

  33. dum6 bl0nd3

    is his shirt wet? why is his shirt wet?

  34. Stay Puff Marshmellow Man

    Are they planning on fucking a beloved movie franchise in the ass with no lube? And they’re eager to use an overrated young celebutard bag of shit as the penetrating member?

    Hey, why not???

    They already did so with Indiana Jones. That time, they shoved Shia Lebouf up Indy’s ass, and now, they will use professional douchebag Ashton Kutcher to sodomize Egon and Slimer.

    I’ll do the usual: I’ll download the shit out of that movie and I’ll laugh at the face of every idiot who got duped into wasting 12 bucks for seeing that worthless piece of shit

  35. silveryblu

    I think a better title for this photo is, “What the hell is Ashton Kutcher wearing, and *why*??”

  36. bitingontinfoil

    He’d be *perfect* (and appropriate) as “Slimer”

  37. alamander

    Hey, while we’re at it, why don’t we just invite Cameron Diaz in. Hey, why not Katherine Heigl too? Hey, why not Gerard Butler also? You know what, we need a romantic subplot. You know what? Ghosts kind of scare me, lets get rid of those. I guess that gets rid of the busting, too. You know what? What if we just focus on the Romance and the comedy aspects of it. Yeah, I like this better. Let’s get rid of the Ghostbusters title too. That’s dumb. I think we’re really on to something here.

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