Ashton Kutcher Might Ghostbust

Presumably to scare the shit out of Bill Murray for going on Stern yesterday and saying the Ghostbusters 3 script collecting dust on his desk is “not the foremost thing” on his mind, there’s now talk of casting Ashton Kutcher. Nice work. Via Popeater:

While the world awaits Murray’s answer (knowing him, he’s probably reading a page every other day just because he can), Reitman and Kutcher talked up the possibility that Kutcher could be one of those rumored “new recruits.” Answering questions about the sequel during a junket, Reitman said it’s “absolutely possible” that Kutcher could join the cast, Digital Spy reports.

The story goes on to say Murray’s involvement is crucial or else Sony will “absolutely not” make the film, so I don’t get how threatening to cast Ashton Kutcher is gonna help. He can barely bring himself to read the script as is and now he has to picture it with The Bride of Demi in it? Jesus. At this point, everyone might as well be honest and say they don’t want to make this thing. Just come come clean with it. “Alright, everybody, you got us. We’re not even close to being serious. I mean, did you see that part where we said we were going to cast Ashton Kutcher? Fucking hilarious, right? Who even does that?”

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