Ashton Tweeted Demi! And Purchased Gasoline! SAVE ME, WOLF BLITZER!

Seen here at a gas station on THIS VERY DAY WE LIVE AND BREATHE – The Superficial: Live, Breaking, Relevant.Ashton Kutcher apparently sent two Twitter communications to Demi Moore last night, sending the Earth spinning off its axis:

- Big night for TV #twoandahalfmen Bears vs Lions and @mrskutcher’s 5. My tivo might explode.
– @mrskutcher good luck tonight! you should be proud

As of this post, Demi has yet to respond to either tweet, but experts say she may have left her Blackberry in her other purse and/or is too busy dying way sooner than Ashton Kutcher. In related news, I just bought a sandwich from Panera. It came with a pickle, and early reports are suggesting the presence of chips. Story developing…


Photos: Splash News

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